The Waves of War

I've risen up from the bottom

I’ve free fallen from the top

I'm down to earth

But the free fall never stopped

I was eventually battered by the waves

Hit my head on the rocks

I drifted for days

I awoke surrounded by the ocean so misty and clouded in this grayish haze

Just like the sea

I felt sometimes so clear blue and so free

Then sometimes I felt as deep and as black as could be

The world had cast me away because I had questioned its wars

I had questioned its ways

Once again

The silver lining that had been behind this life had withered and frayed


As I looked around

Bullets began to stray

The ocean was flipped upside down

The sea floor became a battleground

Barbed wire raised

The ditches sunk

The scene unfolded into a battlefront

But that grayish haze didn't change

You couldn't mistake the sound  

The struggles

The shouts

The whizz of the bullets

The doubts

The moments of silence

I’m thrown back by the sight

The bloodshed

The violence

The sound and sight of artillery shells as they shatter the ground

Covered by the ash strewed grass

Once again

I'm thrown back

I was battered by the blast

I hit my head on a rock

Out cold

No longer than three minutes I'd last. . .

Bled out on the already blood stained grass

They arrived with a letter after only a day passed

My mother. . .

Her heart shattered like glass

My father. . .

To his knees he collapsed

An honorable death in the letter somewhere it read

But so many words left unsaid


Wasted life

Jesus Christ

What a pointless sacrifice

Sleepless nights

Sorrow filled flicker of the candle lights

Devastating letters to family. . .


Just wait till’ dad sees. . .

The 21 guns salute

The flag strewn casket

Inside his son. . .

Who he, himself, taught to shoot a gun at 6 years young

Lil’ sis’ still can't grasp it

Too young to understand the senselessness of a topic so sensitive


There truly is no sense in this

Our patriotic grievances

With all these wars and smothered grins

I wonder if anyone actually still believes in sins

I myself no longer see the light

I try so hard to catch another glimpse

I once saw it as a young boy

But then I grew up

The shadow of the real world was too immense

So it died out back then

I haven't seen it since


The human race

The United States

Says it strives for peace

Yet the world’s becoming more and more of a crazy place

They think being capable of the most destruction keeps us safe

Yet it's dangerous so they develop destructive weapons behind closed gates

The sins of humanity are clearly pointed out in our history

We've had two world wars soon to be three. . .

Undoubtedly. . .

Guess Planet Earth is now a wars world

It is this that makes the world so unworldly


One race

One world

Divided we've always stood

Divided we'll inevitably fall

Tripped over our own two feet

Caught up in the waves when our engines stall

Capsized by the waves of our history. . .

Sometimes so clear blue and so free

Then sometimes as deep and black as could be

History's developing a pattern so sink or swim won't matter

A shadow over our own people we so easily cast

Drowned in the darkness

Caused by the ignorance so easily hidden and masked

Caused by the heartless

So oblivious to the past

It's now just a matter of how long we can hold our breath

How long we'll last


One thousand years won't save our lives

But thousands of lives can be saved for a lifetime if we understand the fact that...

Wars don't determine who is right...

Only who is left

Only who is left to fight another day

It's sad to say

So sad to see

Wish these soldiers could come home and live happily

But when they close their eyes they see their brothers in arms meet their demise

Again and again and they beg and they beg

“Please god when does it end! ”

"What do you want from me? ”

"If it was only me and not them! "

“Why couldn't you have saved my friends? ”

“They were clearly the better men.”

They had wives

They had children

They had lives

Now what fills in?

A flag in a glass case

Right above the fireplace

A picture frame of their smiling face

An angel lost to amazing grace

A silent dinner table . . .

An empty space. . .

A whole future. . .

A whole life. . .


Gone and erased. . .


Lost to The Waves of War


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