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Help me, I feel like giving up. I need something worth living for. Because I'm running out of luck   Help me. I'm done. things I once loved,  No longer seemed like fun.  
Dear life to be lived you’re a stranger The life I have lived left me numb Beatings and insults brought anger But t’was when I gave up that they won   Dear life to be lived am waiting
Life doesn’t seem worth living So don’t even attempt to tell me that There are people that are supportive and are doing okay If you take a closer look at the people who surround you
Ascending Ascending Ascending Ascending Rising up from pain and sorrow Rising above the raging fire
Thanks For The Epiphany's You left me traumaitized,But now I'm desensitized,When I mesmerize,About the feelings inside.And I don't wanna feel,Something that's not real,When I can't even begin to heal.Why can't I be everything you
My life has been hard, this year was no different. Half way through I realized I'd missed it. From being comfortable and never alone, We were left without a home. In our car is where we stay
I am tired but I am not stopping here, I am growing weak but I know I am near.
There are no obituaries for Sylvia Plath.   A fact that I find most interesting.   For a revolutionary in free-form poetry, a less-than-silent sufferer, a martyr at her own hand.   She is a symbol.
When I look back  I realize  I love life Though life comes full with heavy price   When I look back I love more Find something to fight for I got a world in store  
Let x equal me
In and out
I don’t want to not believe I don’t want her to become something other than what she sees In the mirror, is a different person?
Researchers say crying is inborn I had to learn how to cry I stifled the sight of my tears Away from the taste of salty crystals on my tongue Afar from the expression of my fears
I need you to live I need you to see That all the homophobia Isn't all of reality   "It Gets Better" Many youtube subscribers preach Listen to them They are actually in your reach
I’m a waitress, And I love my job— It gives me satisfaction.                I love knowing that I am helping someone relax after a long, hard day.                I love being helpful and making people smile.
The world is a prison, and society is my jailer.  
      I was already broken when you found me, A soft spoken girl who forgot who I could be. Not a choice that I made, but one thrust upon me,
How was I supposed to know it was so bad to be educated and black? Do I really intimidate you to the point of you trying to hold me back? All I've tried to do was make something out of $5 and a dream,
The first time I heard it I was in 8th grade The next in 9th The next in 10th And now every time I hear it I close my eyes and I scream because should love be such a game?
Don’t give up just yet, We all go through hard times I don’t want to say goodbye, And I care so please don’t cry   But when I stand here with you, I see what could be so true
Life of a bully oh how it must be to have people cower all over your feet Storming and raging, even the skies are afraid of who ever would come across you and your rage  
Shadows I see, self loathing, self harming, suicidal thoughts is all I'll ever be. No one will ever want me, he was right The monster that came into my room to get me every night
Brighten up your darkness By opening a bookA recordYour heartYour mindYour handsNot your skin
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
1. Scrub your skin cleanuntil the fingerprintsof mean boysare wiped clear fromyour thighs and wrists. 
I hope that by now you have caught all the butterfliesthat once freely fluttered within your intestines.And instead of killing them,you keep them in a Mason jarfor the next time you’re numb
1. Scrub your skin cleanuntil the fingerprintsof mean boysare wiped clear fromyour thighs and wrists. 
We were tight, thought everything was right. But apparently not, because you forgot. One day you left with no reason. It was like treason.
Hatred and envy seep into my veins.Wrath courses through my body, arriving at the brain.My hands are shaking, shuddering. When will it end?Things are getting dangerous. I can no longer pretend.
        It began with button. “Butt-uhnn” I said excitedly while pointing at my mother's navel, and then my own indentation where I was once attached.  
Classes and books, don’t you forgetYou’re too young, you can’t graduate yetLockers and lunchtime, the people you call friendsThe best days and times they say never ends
My mother lived at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Her lungs crystallized from years of breathing tobacco instead of air. She wasn't always sad, I'm sure. But I never saw her smile
Are you hurting and feel like you're fading away? There is one I know who saves. My God is great. My God is strong. He will carry any burden, big or small. He loves YOU, and calls you His.
It starts off as a stupid diet You just want to drop a size You never thought you'd end up like this Feeding your family lies
Love (n): a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 1. You made me realize that love is more than fairy tale bullshit. Sometimes a princess isn’t waiting for a prince.
Pretty girls sashay in their pink skirts Long hair flows Like water where the sidewalks burn. Ruby lips, Masquerade faces Dolls with hearts of plastic.
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