Mr. Billow

Sat, 11/01/2014 - 01:25 -- BonnieA


In and out

He shows his face

Then shy away as it touches the tips of toes

Rolling away so subtle

Whispering a continuous song

A natural lullaby

Second nature to the tropical birds and trees

That only two legged beings embrace occasionally in a lifetime

But as soon as they fall asleep,

And the star is giving light to another side,

The beast appears

Transforming in shape,

Slowly as the darkness falls

Quickly changing it's personality

Quickly changing his personality

Into an unlikable creature

Something capable of taking a precious life

He is capable of taking her precious life

Pulling them deep into its underground layers

Pulling her deep into his underground layers

With no return for air

She's Drowning....

Showing his power by rising and leaping to higher heights

Then soon as the star shows again

He calms

Returning to a lull peace likable by all

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