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Assertive assuming actions dripping droplets of judgment and discord upon another existential existence for the very, personalized experience that had brought them to resistance in traditional constituents...well that my friend is a flaw most wear
A peaceful boycott is the most effective form of protest that exists. No government can force the people to do business with any company. Their guns and their nuclear weapons cannot repress a boycott.
We depend on the system of law to give us rights, But the law can suspend or take away our rights And when we vote for a government, We give persons the power to control and mistreat us
Inquisitive when caged And indifferent outside a debt Why haven't I taken over the world yet? Thrashing madly on a stage Without an audience, a band, or set Why havent I taken over the world yet?
RAYAN Limitations My worlds sinking at the bottom of pain, Filled with all the happy moments my life has had to sustain, Broken souls and broken dream that I taught how to entertain.
How hard is it to breathe? When your mind is not at ease? In a sense you think you're fine, try to hold it in inside. You affirm yourself, "I got this". But you're not the kind who's reckless.
This poem is for the people who have put me in a box. They have said: “Here you may come, and no further!” I have been categorized.  
Everyone always says that we have to be the best. The best athlete, the best student, the best youth, the best applicant. But no one stops to think of the amount of  pressure they are placing on us.
In school we get through the names that try to drag us down, That try to hurt us, to define us, to limit our potential.  We let them be the weight that ties us down, The noose that we strangle ourselves with,
A young mind searches for the inspirational knowledge the world has to offer. There is so much to learn, to absorb, to observe; Yet only a portion is discovered
  i want to look into Your eyes and not wonder  what horrible things you’re thinking about me i want to not have to worry that Your smile is one of obscurity i want to be able to be me
I have heard that the sky is the limit but I do not want to stop until I touch the sun and dance in the moon’s pearly crescent.
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