Limitations of Learning


A young mind searches for the inspirational knowledge the world has to offer.

There is so much to learn, to absorb, to observe;

Yet only a portion is discovered

In the very place where minds are thought to expand with information.

The school presents the mind of youth with facts, indisputable and absolute.

But how much of this world is as monochrome as these statements,

How much of this vast realm of human knowledge can be stated as surely as the color of the sky?

The mind of the youth is pliable;

Why, then does it become so rigid?

Though the school strives to instruct the brain in the absolutes of the world,

It does little to teach the young mind to learn for itself.

Individuality, perspective, and choice all seem so distant from the academic system of thought.

Assimilation has become the standard of observable intelligence,

And those who refuse conformity are condemned to live in the light of failure.

But is this really how our world functions, with knowledge so limited to one course of thought?

Or are we merely limiting the world’s youth to walk along one train of thought,

In hopes that they may find what we define as success?

There is no single formula, no one path

That will lead to the happiness and success of every individual.

Why, then must we try to find such a course and impose it upon ever y young mind?

Learning must come from within the individual, through unbridled thought and discovery.

Allow the youth to seek their own knowledge, to create a pool of their own knowledge

In which they will spend their lives exploring.

For only when we allow the unhindered mind to search for knowledge

Will the mind discover the limitless world beyond.


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