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  And here i am once again Wondering if i'm even worth it If this is a battle I can't win Maybe i should just give up I've been here before
Death creep slow So you wept Life is pointless A sharp blade of redundancy It a choice A promising voice If you die or if You live It is in your reach A touch you will Meet
A dog without a feather, A car without a sail,  My life without you pointless  As a frog without a tail.    As warts are for a princess, Your love is for my life. I need you like a daisy 
I’m struggling I’m broken I’m completely Stressed. I let people run my life arguing who was the best Dressed. Hanging on to nonstop gossip shed too many stupid Tears.
Do you think its ok to keep trying  even though you are not  good enough    Do you think that  its ok to keep going  even though you have tried hard but still have tasted defeat 
Here I am again, Crying. I don't even know why.
I am angry I am pissed You won’t like me when I get like this I am a hellion Straight from Ireland You mess with my life You deal with my strife I am dressed in black
Stars dim to a faint glow, the gorgeous twinkle in their bodies has dies down and the angelic shine I found so interesting has lost value.
Wake up eat go to work eat work eat  sleep A cycle that sits on repeat Five days a week Car is cold? Crank the heat Same song everyday, don't miss a beat
Having little or no sense   That's what this contest is. Spend a while crafting a poem   A unique journey                               take your time And watch it go to waste
Teachers assign us books to read Most people don't take heed Because we know we won't need The knowledge in them someday
The scene unfolds with little warning Words would have diminished its significance The moment itself should have lasted forever Its beauty was terrible
Amidst all the try-hards and give-ups, Stand the happy middle of the two Who hasn't crashed and burned yet And who still hasn't made it through Who's looking inside that tight circle?
I’m traveling in circles Just going round and round I thought it all had a meaning But it’s all so pointless now
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