Full of ANGER and FLAMES

I am angry
I am pissed
You won’t like me when I get like this
I am a hellion
Straight from Ireland
You mess with my life
You deal with my strife
I am dressed in black
My hair is Strawberry Blonde
And it will flame at my command
I wear a snake on my finger
And wings on my back
I have a mean gleam in my crystal blue eyes
My eyes will turn from blue to blood red
At a moment’s notice
All it takes is one little thing
And the sparks ignite
My wings unravel
To a full 14 feet to take flight
They are a mixture of tattered beauty
They are black fused with blue and outlined in red
My heart will turn from kind to cold blackness
There will be no mercy
Only misery
It beats to the song Just Like You by Three Days Grace
But I am all grace but you can’t outpace me
No, no, no
You certainly will not like me like this
You best run for your life
Because when I come for you
You won’t have a chance
I am filled with anger and it would take a bucket of freezing water to cool me down




when I get upset I become a whole different person and the power you spoke in this poem is amazing excellent poem 

If you have anytime please check out my poem and hopefully they will inspire you

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