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In College, it's pushed upon me... but I just won't do it... I've went through too much to go down that path... Call me lame, boring...but I must do what I feel whats right.
I started to write poetry To hide all insecurity Within my own thoughts and words I found a sense of security I grew up around music Rap artists rhymed lyrically I attempted to write my own rhymes
They push her to the breaking point, Her toes curled over the edge, Should she jump or stay? Does she want to die or live? She's on a cliff, On a tropical island, Inhabited by hostile natives,
Alone in the forest of the black gnarled trees They beckon for me to join them in the dark. No moon shines bright through where there should be leaves, Just black, bare. branches and bark.
From peer pressure to the grave,
What is the price we have paid We have all thrown away Our lives Trying to impress people we despise   But its not worth it in the end We have struggled with ourselves
You used to see the real me. You used to know how it felt to be considered different. You claim you haven’t changed, but I know you have. You tried to convert me too, but I refused.
i am a diamond that will not be shaped to please others.
STOP. Stop doing what everyone thinks is cool. Do you... Don't make fool.
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
Ten feet deep in eternal sleep Fell from a cliff with the rest of the snow white sheep I look up in envy of the black one who doesn't weep Lying in this red valley My body, blood, and soul Is it's
Everyone's doing it And I want to try it I must admit Everyday the pressure gets stronger and stronger
It’s not homework, information, and books,
It’s not homework, information, and books,
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
  Everyone was doing it I couldn’t let them down They were yelling my name They counted on me now  
Your phone is so old, so last year, not cool anymore. That dress you are wearing is so last season. You haven't post anything on Facebook yet. The video you tweeted is so old I already seen it, not funny anymore.
There she sat, trying to find her way. To the left, sky blue To the right, dark gray.   Turn and move in the direction you face. These are the rules Choose, with great haste.  
Friends grant charming wishes, Friends enchant you with joy, Friends let you absorb their affection, Superficially matters if's a girl or a boy.   Just give those favorable buddies a ring,
She was alone, clinging tightly to the branch of hope. The others had given in, blown away by the wind, but she resisted. The wind continually rushed at her like a charging bull. That bull seemed to have one goal,
he human mind is quite the composition With boundless seas of thoughts, tamed only by inhibitions--small dams, if you will Laced with never-ending threads of emotion; like exquisite pieces of silk
You open your mouth But you don’t say a word Man, you gotta think what you say and what is heard People around you got you pulled up in strings You can’t even show the slightest hurt no more
If high school was compared To a growing flower bud I wonder if you’d dare Step foot inside the mud
you doing right while everyone does wrong leaves you singing a quiet song here right now i’ll do the MATH why it’s hard to take the honorable path ADD all those parties look like fun
Wait Because if you feel uncomfortable If you feel frightened And if you feel like you have no choice It's not the right moment Don't let anyone fool you It's ok to wait for Butterflies
Don't be what they want you to be Love and embrace originality You don't have to wear white shirts and skinny jeans Wear bandanas and orange tees
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