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Don't be what they want you to be
Love and embrace originality
You don't have to wear white shirts and skinny jeans
Wear bandanas and orange tees

Life is full of people who want to change you
Rearrange you, exchange you
Put chains on you
Disengage you

Keep focus and do you
Be what you wanna be
What you gotta be
Cause no one can stop you...but you

I remember when I tried to be someone else
I wasn't being myself
I was talking how they talked
Walking how they walked
I tried going to the place they went
But I couldn't quite fit in
I was never comfortable in that skin
But only the skin that I'm in

Be yourself because everyone else is taken
Don't let yourself be mistaken
The only person who can be the best you is you
Be an original because they only come far and few



I really enjoyed this piece and one of my favorite parts about it is that you used old and now cliche sayings like "no one can stop you but you," and "be yourself because everyone else is taken-" which I'm sure you know is an Oscar Wilde quote, awesome of you to put that in here- but you do not make them sound over used. In fact, in your poem they sound fresh and make you feel exactly how they intend to make you feel- like that is exactly what you should be doing. I like your rhyming and certainly found great pleasure in reading this piece. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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