What Should I Do


Everyone's doing it

And I want to try it I must admit

Everyday the pressure gets stronger and stronger

My boyfriend doesn't want to wait any longer


I know I should wait and see

But all I can think about is my boyfriend's plea

He says he loves me and I agree

And he always tells me how he will never leave me


I love him with all my heart

But it seems as though

this will tear us apart

Making this decision is very hard

And I don't want to make the wrong choice and end up scarred


I think of all that could happen bad

To be honest it really makes me mad

Yeah I know I need to wait 

But it's just so hard not to take the bait

Oh my god, this is putting me under so much stress 

Maybe I will do it, I have to confess

But now that I think about it I digress

I just feel so much distress


I don't wanna wait 

Then again I know what this situation could create

This could help the way I feel about myself 

My boyfriend says it's a good way to relieve oneself


I really want to give him all my love

I just don't want to disobey the one above

Maybe all this is is just puppy love

Then again it might not be worth it.

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