Life's Crazy


From peer pressure to the grave,

everybody's being a fool.

From touching innocent children

to shooting up schools.


Baby daddys in the streets

leaving baby mamas.

Ratchet loud mouth girls

always bringing drama.


Popping pills, 

Smoking crack.

Everybody's worrying

about bringing Tupac back.


Drug busts,

Police bringing war.

Life's so crazy,

you can't even feed the poor no more.


Giving back to the community,

people being shady.

Talking about they don't need help

from no rich lady.


Tired of the racism,

tired of the sin.

People hating Barack 

because the color of his skin.


When is the world going to realize?

It's time for a change for real.

Teach this generation

before anyone else gets killed.


That's not even half of it.

This world is busy.

Just trying to let you know,




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