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I will burn myself to the ground Before I ever let you down. Banish myself to Hell. With no chance of coming out. you may ask, "this matters how?" And this is what I'll tell,
11 is an age to play with barbies, for a girl, To make friends and go to school,
Firm hands, from shadows on the wall. Firm no’s, from girls around nightfall. I promised to protect you all.    Don’t touch, These artifacts are rare. Don’t look, It’s really rude to stare,
Emotions. Pain. It hurts, it hurts. Make it stop. Please, make it stop. Family. Together. Happiness found with each other. Good.   Fighting. Why do we fight?
The Land of Trees A Place that's quite green. Filled with lush and so many hearts. The beauty it offers is a luxury. Nature is so vast... there is so much we can do. But I warn you...
A perfect family But only to the eye When you come into their lives That perfect family has very dark lies But o'no one pays close attention
  Shades of black collide above, jostling each other Lines of stars bright and white, so vividly wild. Wind sheathing our bodies with every gust, Black leaves cascading downward into a dark swirl.  
WHO AM I I am a tree- standing where I am. I am the wind- always there, but never seen. I am an eagle- slowly soaring by. I am looking out for you and I sometimes wonder why.
What did we do? Why is it always us? Everytime we turn around It's another balck person down on the ground. Why do people hate us so bad? At first we were beaten, tortured, and onder appreciated.
When I look at you summer fills my eyes handsome and bursting with color you are your innocence is sweet like fluttering butterflies you are my wish upon a shooting star when I hug you there's a comforting embrace
There's no where to turn, the doors are shut And I'm still hurt. But don't let them see. I write to protect them.   I can confide in no one, because I'm supposed to stay strong.
The field blossomed and grew.  As its spring began anew. Twice it had bloomed and died, But the third time it thrived! No longer a minor player due to missing tools
The Pit Bull friend or foe Mans best friend or no? Bread a killer or a devoted companion. The gentle giant to some, A murderer to most. Powerful, Intimidating, caring all so true,
The sun shines over us like a bright light. It warms us when we're cold. It protects us from the bad,
She’s dead. Throat slit, Wrists cut, Mouth gagged. Dead. We took you into our home when you needed it. We helped you get a job. We saved you.
I can’t read you All I know is what I feel Ask me to explain it And the words just disappear
Yes, You think that you are better than this boy, You could do more to feel even better than now, But when you leave for home you find yourself in his same place, You are put down by someone close,
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