Reality has changed

The field blossomed and grew. 

As its spring began anew.

Twice it had bloomed and died,

But the third time it thrived!

No longer a minor player due to missing tools

Now, it became a dangerous toy with few rules.

Boundaries were placed and the game was set

No longer could the scinece run amok, but yet,

still we have the movies, the shows the possibilities that

If we were to stop and look and see, scare us flat

Many imposiibilities became probabilities

and improbabilities became plausibilities

Genetics, a world that shapes the world we know'

Has stepped in to our realm and is the star of the show

Learning to lead

failing to heed

Power to change reality

and earn undying fealty

A guardian must awaken to prevent the day

that reckons andprevents these dangers by making a play

that ends mankind's claim that it is deranged

by proving that reality has changed.


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