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When it comes to being thankful this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to have The Lord.When it comes to God being a part of our lives, there is no greater reward.God is our creator and he helps people every day.
Every night my mind plays melodies From a song I haven’t quite learned yet Perhaps I never will But she also weaves thank you letters   Thank you’s for all the people in my life The ones who left me
It is Thanksgiving afternoon Different is the celebration We must now wear a mask In order to safely see Christmas
With humbled hearts, Our Father, we come to you this day, Expressing heartfelt gratitude for blessings sent our way * We ask you to forgive us for thoughtless word and deed:
ode to my dearest foxy   she is old now her eyes are milky with the aftermath of the cataract apocalypse, the mushroom cloud of eye disease
Quivering, Quivering, Shaking, Hands On Thanksgiving Day. above the filled cornucopia, sliced turkey and relatives dark news hovered above in a cloud
When the sun shines and there is a smile on your spouses waking face When the car arrives and you all sang your way to your favorite place When the report comes back and you are cancer free internally 
An abundant bird Makes a rather tasty meal. I am so thankful!
Giving, It’s more than just living, It’s a random act, Not just a simple fact.   In retrospect, We give only to receive, And receive not expecting, To give.  
some teens dont have multiple game consoles  and mobile devices some teens dont have enough clothes to wear a different outift everyday some teens dont have  bucketfuls of art supplies
My God is an awesome god. Expansions of skies He’s created. The stars--oh, the wonderful stars He’s created! He doesn’t need a watch,
What A Land we walk through We gun through, we cut through We charge through the land we have.  What A Land we cultivate We uproot and reroute from the Nations to the united states
Today is a day of remembranceOf sweet family and fond friendships.      Today we look back     At the year that has passed,     And take in its history:     Its true story and mystery.
Thanksgiving has arrived and theirs nothing to eat.A starving single mother has two children to feed.They won't stop whining and crying about their hunger,The starving single mother is fed up and ponders.
Four years ago was Mom's last Thanksgiving.Just one year later, she was no longer living.I wasn't as thankful for her as I should've been.Back in 2012, I didn't know that she'd never be celebra
For the long nights When I am alone- But not- with my fingers Dancing over the keys Making music and art, For my voice that remains
I am thankful for family,  For nature and every tree. I am thankful for the ones i love, For the light shining up above.  I am thankful for my home, For all the beautiful places in this world to roam.
Thanksgiving Day   I slip in and out of dreams. I drift into darkness, lightness, and finally into the crisp glow of daylight.
‘Tis warm and welcoming, a glow of a   Low-burning fire, the light into which we step. Familiar, long-distant voices greet us; Embrace we arms in a gesture well-known.
I ate a piece of pumpkin pie With whipping cream piled high And, finding I was hungry still, Took the pan and had my fill.
Giving thanks not only uplifts ourselves but to those who are to come. It brings such joy and happiness to all the innocent faces of small children.
Surrounded by my brothers  And yet I am alone. We grew together, weather storms  And cuddled amongst parched leaves. We are strewn across the fields
Thanksgiving is a time to share A time to care A time to spend with family A time to have cheer A time for football A time for turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce For pumpkin pie and no goodbyes
One day in the year, We feast with our closest loves, But forget for what.   What's to give thanks for? This bleek, sad world we live in, Innocent people die.   But we choose to eat.
One day in the year, We feast with our closest loves, But forget for what.   What's to give thanks for? This bleek, sad world we live in, Innocent people die.   But we choose to eat.
Oh the joys of fall season To be brisk and bright  Tis' the reason   Snuggling by the fire Pumpkin spice in the air A hint at Thanksgiving And Christmas somewhere
Bullets through the window, Betta get down quick.
Just feel the cool breeze blowing gently all around, and listen to the warm-colored leaves scatter gently across the ground    
I can fly
My astronomic family and I get around
The bountiful beginning rests on me, My oak legs, the harvest scent, Squanto’s corn, the cooking deer and fowl The Pilgrim’s thanks, all these merge.   I see the future and its tables,
On this November day, I want for my people.I want our voices to be heard,To be appreciated for our history, our present and our future.
Oh God's Thankful Gift! Is life to humanity, Living it at once.
What I’m Thankful For When asked to speak, I figured, hey! This will be easy. As I began to think of what to say, I grew slightly queasy.
Today is a dayOne day closer to being who I am supposed to beOne day closer to having that job and that lifeOne day closer to being what I am told I am to be
Thank God I'm alive. Four words that have taken too long To escape from these lips And still stumble out Like a drunk driver
Between ice cold lemonade and hot cocoa, I am human, While bundling up due to the breeze, I think thoughts such as these.  
This is no thanksgiving, No gifts or laughter, Its a hidden story, of pain and disaster I speak of many paths, full of tears and blood baths, I speak for the victims of hatred and wrath.
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