open your eyes

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Bees are like kamikazes and Superman probably ain’t gonna save the day today oh well let the strange hang today I’ve been feeling kinda different lately might just blow my brains away some will say oh dang that’s a crazy mang and some w
Flittering, fluttering, fast and faux heart Why will you not do your part? You’re quaking and shaking and making a fuss But all I desire is stillness and trust   Flittering, fluttering, fearful faux heart
Time flies in a blink of an eye, so from this poem I want you to pick a side. The tortoise or the Hare? It may seem like an easy answer but an indepth look might change your mind.
You pay no attention to the girl sitting next to you, Her silence never bothered you.
Beauty is there, for everyone to see, But people now a days seem to be blind. No thoughts at all, of what beauty can be,
Poetry is a language spoken by many, Though only some choose to be eloquent writters. I write to illuminate my world.   I write to open my eyes, to uncover everything in diguise.
Back in 1776, when America was formed Being held by the goverment was never-more. Free to do as we wish, to keep power in our hand And with that dream we built a grand country across this land  
Talk about atrocities in a world of animosity, focused on the bureaucracy and ignoring the humanity, the insanity in doing the same thing again, the worlds fucked now cuz it was fucked then,
Here I stand Feeling sorry for myself Feeling beaten feeling bruised Feeling lost and insecure Like there is nothing going for me
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