Time Flies

Time flies in a blink of an eye,

so from this poem I want you to pick a side.

The tortoise or the Hare?

It may seem like an easy answer but an indepth look might change your mind.

All my life i've been told this one word repeated agian and again in different ways.

"You're outta time, be on time, it's late, you're late, you have 20,30,15 months, days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Whatever the case, it is all about time. 

Now to the tortoise, a seemingly young child which take the slow route of sorts, does everything in the allotted time, focuses on the road ahead and doesn't allow obstacles to deter them from their destination.

The hare, a giddy child who plays and enjoys fun and play. They will finish either ahead of schedule or near the deadline, They are adventureous and they have a tendency of not staying in one place for too long.

Frankily, tortoises sit at desk jobs all day, punch their cards at 5, go home and start again the next day.Hares are the curious spirits who travel the world and discover anything and everthing they can get their hands on.

Now i hope at this point you have realized that these animals are not actual accountants or backpackers but simple analogies of us humans. I mean I would pay big money to see a tortoise type budgets into a computer or a hare jump out a plane but  that just doesn't happen.

You see now is there anything wrong with being the tortoise? Not at all, they are best known to be very wise and they live longer than many species of animals that live on this earth. Is there anything wrong with being a hare? nope, nothing wrong there either. It will never hurt to be a little spontaneous with friends and go explore this wonderful world around you.

You see my friends, the tortoise and the hare was a wonderful story we were told as kids to tell us the importance of not being arrogant and the importance of sticking to our goals but there can be other important subliminal messages we can find by using these animals in other situations too. So i will leave you with a little of my wise old tortoise wisdom. Never close your eyes and just see one way of things, there is always another way to see something.

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