Since I Can Stand I must Open My Eyes

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 03:47 -- wbyrom9


United States
36° 54' 40.5468" N, 119° 34' 49.2996" W

Here I stand
Feeling sorry for myself
Feeling beaten feeling bruised
Feeling lost and insecure
Like there is nothing going for me

Here I stand
While others cannot
While others continue on without hope
While others search for their next meal
While others sleep on the street

Here I stand
All upset over nothing
The bruises are in my head
How am I lost when the map is in my hands
And there is a world of opportunity before me

Here I stand
Surrounded by people who care
Lifted up by love
Yet staring at my feet
Because of something insignificant

Here I stand
With no excuse for my blindness
With no excuse for my empathy
For my self-centered view
And my pointless loss of hope

Here I stand
With the power to change the world
Though right now I may not see it
Able bodied and strong willed
I can do anything if only I open up my eyes


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