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The kindness that draws A spirit closer to home The mindlessness, flaws That makes us our own Are all part of people Those lost and those found None reaching the steeple But all heaven bound
2020 is about to end, this is the last day of the year.During the last 366 days, there has been much fear.Many people have suffered because of Covid-19.People have perished but now we have a vaccine.
sky of clouds looms heavy over my head like the weight of your love pushing down on my shoulders.   streams of milky sugar line the cotton-candy sunset and it's a bittersweet feeling.  
She went out with a bucket on the roof She caught a falling star and she put it in her pocket  She took a photo to keep it as proof She tried not to let it fade away   She wanted to save it for a rainy day 
Every day was the same from then on. It happened, I couldn’t change it. I tried a different outcome,  each walkthrough in my life. Each day I tried to be something more, feel something...different.
I have done it before I won’t do it again I don’t know my limits But I’ll pretend This world that doesn’t revolve around me,
Living Is only for Finding a satisfying Ending  
I'm the cold air that you breath The heat of hell beneath your feet Now I'm here and then I'm there I was your happiness but now I'm despair    From a racing car at the dawn of life
I close my eyes and take a step Right, left, right, left   My hand placed gently, my hip grasped My right leg traps with the other, My mind goes to rest Right left right right  
Darling, I know I needed to decline. My betrayal is unforgivable. I’m unable to see the grand design. A life without you is unlivable.   Do not tell me our life has been a lie.
Dear What You've Done in the Light   You know, I’m always the one Always, always, always the one To try and keep the dying embers of ‘us’ alive.   I always fail
Lost as I am,  I survived the raid. Those throwing stones didn't know my name. Lost as I am, still I wait. The patience came from within. Lost as I am, I trusted your judgement,
Lost as I am,  I survived the raid. Those throwing stones didn't know my name. Lost as I am, still I wait. The patience came from within. Lost as I am, I trusted your judgement,
So close yet so far, to freedom and death. Freedom from hurt, pain, abuse, chains, bruises, tears, fights, cuts, offensive words, breakdowns, loneliness and depression.
And today I wonder. With the faded sunshine Whisked away on the breeze. With the soggy sponge of earth Slurping at my feet. With the smell of warmth
  She is nowin the bedroom,sorts out her desiresbetween the skyand my lips. She doesn't get upfrom the bedwhere we playeda stupid gamewith the expected ending.
what a dismaywe were trying to find the pieces to the puzzle lets sit cris cross apple sauce and find a new game to playthis one was kind of annoying so we found a new sedative it sorta messed with our heads and we began to feed on selfishness ins
I lived in a world where i only watched Where clouds rise like kings'where sunsets bow like jesters before them And the moon watches hed been offered kingship once but he declined For power is not worth a monsoon
I suppose It's supposed To be an ending I suppose I'm supposed To feel sad Yet, I suppose I'm supposed To stop supposing things It only leads to more Fiction than Fact
Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall And all the kings horses and all the kings men tried in vain to mend Humpty's suffering head   To no avail it came though
The hours tick by One by one The never ending dance twirling around the circular floor   The years spin by Withering, decaying, and all the while New life begins   Tick, tock, tick, tock
When does war become genocide? When does murder become normal? When does killing become okay? When does prejudice become ethic cleansing? When does ignorance become deadly?
I hate it so,
Beyond the hope that lies within A fire burning ; paper thin
A change so exciting, so different, so new New Friends and Old Friends becoming few Parties, Football games, Laughs, The Insane
Two short words. Relief or dissapointment  a final conclusion But is it? Three more words What If not?  If an ending,  Sparks something New  Is it truly  a "the end"?
When I made you smile, I felt something. Like fire. When you spoke those words, my cheeks burned. Like fire. When you took my hand nervously, it kindled me. Like fire.
I wasn’t good enough,  Didn’t care about your stuff,  Couldn’t measure up,  Looked at the half empry cup,  And decided it was half full,  Bought into the lies and all the bull, 
A star-studded calendar and meeting the sun every day at seven cannot curve the blowOf the fact that we are learning the unspoken of moving apart.I miss you.
Inevitable. My fate is inevitable. That last sweet goodbye will cling to my mind like moss to a tree for the rest of my life. Sometimes that moss is so beautiful. The tree's greatest quality.
The green world calls me. I do not want to sit In this abused desk. I do not want to turn The dead pages of this Cumbersome yellow book.
One step too close Face-to-face Nothing else matters But this moment today. Now only centimeters apart This crushing distance is closing And with one final spin, You decide to leave me abandoned.
I have many great friends Who care about where I end And enjoy being around me Who make me smile And laugh And cry
The stars are falling around us yet all i can focus on is the sine of your eyes The floor trembling beneath us yet all i can feel is the beating of my heart Fires encompassing us yet all i can feel is the fiery passion of my love
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