Weeping Will


The wind wisps past the weeping willows

as the once-still curtains begin to billow

within the room that once harbored meaning

Now it’s the reminder of long-lost feelings

Remnants of a love that can be no more

Memories of a being that you once adored

Someone who has long since left this place

but not with another loving and warm face


It wasn’t because the love for you died

or because anyone failed even though they tried

It wasn’t due to lack of trust

or an over-abundance of lust

Not that you or the other was unfaithful

or that either had grown ungrateful


It was because both of you lost sight

from all the fears and the fright

of not being good enough

when times began to get tough


It was because you saw the other hurting

but thought you could make it better with only listening

But what happened when the listening merged into kisses?

And what deserved to be said was purely dismissed?


You both cared but never understood

all of the pain apart from the good

That is when the love began to die -

not because you both didn’t try -

But because the other grew sick

and the time began to mercilessly tick

closer to the end because of depression

not because of lack of affection


Neither could do anything as one began to wilt

and the other grew overwhelmed with despair and guilt

Just when your time together began to start,

everything suddenly started to fall apart

The kissing had turned to crying

and the talking had changed into denying

that the end was near

with each falling tear


And now you stand here


Watching the wind wind and whimper through the weeping willows

Hearing the pale curtains end their continuous billow

inside the room you both once shared with meaning

A shared result of your affectionate feelings

Remnants of a love that can be no more

ever since your lover’s frame was chilled to its very core

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