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Why is it that our minds try to convince us that the worst is going to come true? And that even when you try to convince yourself other wise, it doesn't seem to work, no matter what you do.
Make it stop. The rasping of my heart. The uneven breathing that manages to escape. I don’t like the dark. As the rain slips from the roof, a soft pitter-patter. I reach out my hand—emptiness, is that you?
Oh how you come in many forms Coming in and out like phases Not knowing  what I’ll settle on next Now knowing  how long you’ll stay or be gone
I first kissed a boy When young and sweet, but soon learned Men are not for me.
We are not designed to go through motions, But intended to fulfill devotions. Now that I seized my dream, I have something new to bring.
Denise woke in the January dark. It was 3am and a new moon. She put on a dress for the first time. Soft cotton, made for young skin. The fuzz tickled her shoulders
Denise woke in the January dark. It was 3am and a new moon. She put on a dress for the first time. Soft cotton, made for young skin. The fuzz tickled her shoulders
It’s nice to feel listened to It’s nice to feel you’re heard. And with the art of poetry, My paper hears every word.   This art of mine, uses lines To illuminate emotions.
 They pass by without a clue, Few have tried to see the truth,Those who have tried may see some,But I always know the outcome:Frustration,Curiosity,Constant interrogation,Or maybe they just give up. I love it when they try to see,When they look in
Words climb against my larynx and punch at my mouth, but I screw my lips shut and force myself to swallow this alphabet lump in my throat. Thousands of letters and punctuation marks
Life is not a box of chocolates. Life is an endless ladder that each of us have to climb. It is nothing but an empty dream.
dear heart of mine, why can’t you decide who you do and do not like   why did it take you so long to realize
moonlight is so bright but what does it sound like? it sounds like the nights  where you muffled cries  it sounds like the nights  where there was nothing to do but sigh but sometimes
i scream and shout  finally letting my anger out hurting everyone around me  this isnt how i want to be   standing here  shaking like a leaf  i put my anger away like a sword in a sheath 
Dear Past Me, You are only just beginning a long and tiring journey to find who you are and to let go of who you never truly were.   It is a journey that will wear you down to your core until you are struggling
hey, eighteen is a weird transitional phase    youre naive to think you know what you want but too young to realize you dont know anything.       youre going to travel halfway across the country
Every day I take another step from who I used to be And I find I like how I am becoming Because I am still me-- I still love, I still perform, I still find life fascinating
p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Like the dying dwindling fire The embers rekindle Life As the dog left All alone Still protects his bone   Like the burnt out Mother
I’m finding it rather hard to live with Who I Am. Especially when Who I Am can be so despicable. Sometimes, she mentions things I don’t plan on thinking about.
I started with a frown My year already felt down   I was in a trap Under wraps I saw fear right in front of me   Every day it would come To take my happiness away
My life was a chalkboard, black and white. Pictures drawn by day, Erased by night. My life was a mirror. It went only one way, but failed to show the better parts of me. My life went to a standstill,
She is happy, she is sad. She is excited, she is afraid. She is confident, she is scared. She is loved, she is alone.  
  My name is Perplexed. Trapped in the past, Trapped in the present, Never see the future. My name is Perplexed.   Perplexed, All I understand. As love is between
They speak in broken English and they lie with silver tongues, They swallow down old whiskey and they smoke away their lungs. They cursed me for my difference, they hated words I sung.
Once upon a time I knew who I was I thrived and flew like any bird does I drank Earth’s air with water coursed veins I was high above the sludge filled drains.
Her whole life she's dreamt of love. She's dreamt of euphoria, All consumed euphoria. She's dreamt of optimism, Blind but sure optimism. She's dreamt of unending joy, Broken only by breakup.  
All my life I wished to be special. I've never been quite sure why and perhaps I never will but I always dreamed of being unique.
Who am I? Questions ring inside my mind But I find no solution  Who am I?  Questions ring inside my mind  But I am still seeking a solution Who am I?
Who am I? Questions ring inside my mind But I find no solution  Who am I?  Questions ring inside my mind  But I am still seeking a solution Who am I?
I am contradictory I am shy, yet I want to be the center of attention I am intelligent, yet I do nonsensical things I am quiet, yet my thoughts are loud and clear My insides are constantly at war
writing about myself isn't easy, you see i'm a shy girl, it takes a lot for me to reveal to you the imagery i create in my head, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.
You see, the problem is I have treated you as if you are the sun. And you are not the sun. My life does not depend on you, you are not in any way crucial to my survival.
Oh what I'd give To know what I want, What I'd do  To become Myself.  
Ariël It means, lioness of God In Hebrew, not The little mermaid Despite popular belief…   In the Bible, I am Jerusalem, And an angel who helps cure disease
Hiding deep inside until the day I realize That I can be just whoI am Instead of livin all these lies. Everyday I queston why All these haters critcize? Inside I feel like I should cry,
Who am I? I dread to answer,
My sociology teacher once told me,
I feel the heat on my back scorching where my wings could be. Should be. I bite and I kick
As a young girl, I believed life to be bitter, full of emptiness, and unfilled dreams. Bleak somber days claimed my soul, lively hope did not reside here, and passion did not ooze from within.
There comes a day There comes a moment When nothing is the same anymore You didn't see it come or go ~ You find a road You find a door Paths you weren't expecting
All my life I have struggled All of time I have fought Every day a new battle Every hour a new loss I'm no soldier or fighter Not a hero at all Just a person imprisoned In a mind not my own
I thought I knew the road and where it leads; I came upon the fork and felt so sure, Until the trees in shade began to tease; My confidence was shook, I closed the door. My heart is closed and locked, I am afraid;
Chest thumping, pulse racing, thoughts chasing You Are Who Thoughts returning, pulse slowing, chest extending, Who You Are Just the being you choose to be, as justified in every constitution,
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