You Are Who


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Chest thumping, pulse racing, thoughts chasing
You Are Who
Thoughts returning, pulse slowing, chest extending,
Who You Are
Just the being you choose to be, as justified in every constitution,
Constituted by the heart of every man; racing, chasing, pacing for a piece of knowledge to justify the choosing of their hearts.
Deciding to be is a decision made long before this justification,
But justifying who you are is a choice in the heart of every man.
Open your mouth and see past the pit-less canal and encasing bones to your heart,
Open your eyes and stare past the electrical flames of your brain to your mind.
The mind, contrived of compiled memories set retired within the menacing crevice of your precious heart, works diligently.
Intimately legitimizing foggy blurs of recollections into intricately woven unconditional facts.
Facts better known as ultimate truths- truths we consider to be true, indiscriminately.
We infinitely hold on to these truths, criminally fighting off militancy who dare question our legitimacy, frivolously.
Unconditionally; we allow these memories to feed us, nutritionally,
To heal us, medicinally; to protect us, innocently.
And so you are who becomes of your memories, memories so easily tweaked, blurred, forgotten no caution.
The mind, contrived of complied memories set retired within the menacing crevice of your precious heart.
You Are Who You Are
Choosing who you are is minding your decision, putting a mindless thought into a contaminated directory of rudimentary trajectories.
Deciding who to be is a decision made long after treachery.
Close your mouth, shut your eyes and open your soul, soulfully reconnect with your flawless entity.
Free of animosity, jealousy, complexity, inequity.
To be free with brevity, honesty, purity, zealotry.
You Are Who You Are
A brave soul who craves for the overwhelming power of goodness, pursuing the righteousness of justice.
If all men are created equally, then we are all equally pure for just a timeless moment.
A moment in time frozen in this golden haze of enjoyment.
You are who you feel you are, feel deep within your soul.
Who you are is in the deep abyss of your heart.
Chest thumping and extending, pulse racing and slowing, thoughts chasing and returning.
You Are Who You Are... Who Are You?



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