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A young boy walks alone with all he has in one little sack. He is far far from home  but he cannot turn back... He fled violence and instability only to find a different hostility
I am so ashamed Is it worth it to peel back my skin? It is burning flesh beneath the skin. It is Rawness So vulnerable I might die from exposure
My heart holds passions that burn bright as fire But my eyes holds a stare cold as ice My determination is as steady as a roaring fire But my smile reveals knowing but frigid ice
Yes, the finely floating feathers Floating in the sky One of the feathers Even caressed my eye! Ye olde agua,  Frozen is dismissed. Oh, my dear Elsa! Let us dance, dance,  Forever more.
La luna llena cae del cielo Con una luz intensa de relampago Pero sin sonido alguno Libre de las cadenas de la gravedad Cae Y desaparece en la oscuridad La osuridad completa
The wind whips through your body, crushes your will, kills your spirit. Demons of black ice chase you down, fury in their shattered snow scraper eyes.
If I had to choose if I’d rather have the world end in fire or ice, I would choose ice.    At least for now.   
If I had to choose if I’d rather have the world end in fire or ice, I would choose ice.    At least for now.   
To walk with no shoes on thick cold ice, It's the feeling of been stabbed over ten thousand times. What were to happen if you were to slip through, to see into into the abyss.
The world is at its end, A primal war has begun. Mother Nature’s children are fighting To see who’s the strongest one. Who will win this war?
To say you don't matter, the words  Pour from the mouth, lips frozen in a  Cold front of all things unkind. Each syllable slides like ice, Piercing, While the memories unbearable are
Melt Your Fears By: Jayla Bode  Winter turns to snowflakesSnowflakes turn to ice  Ice turns to skatingAnd that seems quite alright Should I even dare? A new sport at 17? Turn your face to the sunshine Melt the ice of your fears Can we do it?Can we
Cover my eyes so I may see no Evil,Cover my eyes so I may not see you.But your Love keeps me tied to you like some unwanted tether,A Golden Lasso of something I no longer wish to have.
The gentle fall of silver flakes Within my head a image does make How can it be so cold and cruel When it is the one true rule The frost that covers these frozen lands The sting of hail as it hits my hands
Wrapped in the blanket azul of her birth, the little girl spells inmigrante beside inmate with a stick in the dirt on the border between cage and patrolman earth.
I'm home and I'm alone.  I have family and personal issues so I beg for a clone.  My dad tries talking to me but I tell him to "leave  me alone". Ive turn cold, I can't even imagine what it's like to grow old.
Frost Breathe Heaving through Icicle lungs.   Wind Force Pushing past Frozen bodies. Cold Lush
Gliding through the frozen ice portrayed as time, It is so easy to forget the memorable events That paints the portrait of the world. Yet, with one more careful glance
My icy appendages Feel snowstorm ravaged When lacking  Your fire
Cold consumed me Like fire   I tried to recall my name As I shivered   This new world was iridescent Too bright  
Who are you? How did you do that? I cried as I looked back in time, He wrapped his icy arms around my waist, we stood there, intertwined,
Smooth as water.  But is water smooth? Do you think I'm smooth only because you cant grasp me? Once I solidify and turn into ice will you still like me? Even when I numb your fingers with frostbite?
Ah, how misleading.           A beautiful creature with an icey grace.            Soft glances and a sickly sweet smile,           Beguiling words and cursed happiness. Whatever created this shadow?
I found a snowfall kind of boy One who just silences the world,  when he comes around.   It takes a delicate touch to keep a snowflake   I cannot say That  have such a touch
january comes in with a bang 
Marion had driven past the lake More times than she could hope to count. She lived on its banks with her husband And their five children, who loved the lake.
The day they said the world was to end and so the day the world waited for with fears   but no signs of it all and the day's work went as usual and on schedule and some as late as usual  
Oh the weather outsi
Eyes made of ice, And a heart made of stone. Everybody hates her, She knows she's alone.   All she wishes for, Is a single friend who cares. One who comforts her,
I run and run with no where to go.
I’m the kind of girl, who will go outside without a coat on And lay in the middle of an ice rink, Until the coldness turns everything numb. And I welcome the cold I welcome the numbness.
Sub-zero temperatures,
Twisting and swerving through every glass patch-
Irredescent glow gives a certain luster in the snow. Cold as the winter wind blows and every one watches as the ice start to give new shows.
Sitting around the dinner table all gathered around Absolutely nothing in the world can bring me down Then I hear the sound of ice in her mouth crunch Suddenly I feel like giving someone a punch 
he takes all i have  and all he leaves behind is my regret and sorrow that has remained for quite some time   i fade to ashes in the wind when his words singe away my pain
  Pouring rain
 Muddy ground 
Icy lane
 Raindrops sound 
Landscape lost Ice-cold hands
 Winter steals
Did frost bite me?
Sunlit blanket Of fluffy snow Etches a sculpture, Marble against sky.   Lacy ice Forms a window Shielding From the worst truth.   It was not heralded
Her beauty is snow storms, tucked away, Tiny freezing snowflakes bottled in my fingers.   It comforts me, and breaks my fall, And its sparks set my heart alight.   This girl is unique in perfection,
the warm white tide Your footsteps in the sand, They’re only temporary, Soon to fill with seawater, Flushed orange with the last Lost rays of shimmering daylight.
I often see my mind as a mountain of Ice, A huge fortress of strength, intelligence and greatness. Like a monolith that will last for eons, And will spike the awe of the beholder.
They call me the "Ice Queen" for a reason. I honestly don't know what happened. Even when I was kid, young, naive, and believing in everything, I didn't believe in myself
Born of water, And of ice, Warm exterior to suffice. Raised from dust, Breath of life, Born into eternal strife. Set up walls,
The hatred residing within youIs testing my obligation to love you.What heart?That stone?That stone that cuts through the water,    plunging to the bottom.It is caught in your toes.
A flicker floats upon a crystal sea. The chilly clear white-caps Damask a dance of cold intricity- Beneath the wind that flaps,
I am alive now. Ice may freeze my body, and Fire enflame my flesh, But your love will tie me down. It keeps me from death.
The burning without is no match for that within A frozen heart en-wrapped in ice from winters past Lessons taught by witches leave their mark in scars Left with no alternative to pain except to turn away
Encircled by an icy perfection desiring spring to rise and thaw yearning strictly buckled down our passions mustn’t gain control
Startling warmth beneath me scorched a frozen chest. My breath was chilled, Cold like my mothers words. Fingertips like flames, Burning, exhilarating. My armor of ice was melting,
A crawling crack in the cold ice, a minor flaw The water below, bursting, seeping through the breaking jigsaw Creaking and shrieking, the sheets of water cried as they were leaking
I like the cold. It makes me numb Can't feel a thing If I'm frozen No pain Or anger Or heartbreak I like it better when it's cold When I'm frozen Solid.
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