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Raining on through the cloudy days Staining the tainted window sills  Mother nature's song that played  Flashes that crashed through sky's   
I am not given much notice.
The trees in New York are so much wavier.There are different layers of opposites.Cattails in front of my nose, that house on the hill is staring into my eyes.I’m beginning to trust my gut more lately and I’ve been lucky not to blend into a peach f
I stare at you, the sweat on my palms making it hard to grasp the conversation. Your lips form spiteful words. I feel my eyes glaze over. Disbelief and distrust threaten to spill out as waterfalls from both our eyes.
There was a room, and in that room were three things. One was a lightbulb that was off so no one could see what was going on. Two was a chair that sat alone in the corner with no one there to watch.
Love is beautiful Love is kind Love does not hate Nor does it discriminate   It takes effort to build yet takes none to destroy Though in its purest form One can see
There is a fragile world with a city made of eggshells. Alas, The ground is always cracked And the people are made of glass.
I am fragile, Like a glass Of wine. One encounter And you can tip Me over. Out spills my pain And emotions That could have Helped you ease your pain, But you can't put me
The scene always opens with a girl in rags On the floor Tired and overworked Exhausted and sore. The archetype who deserves so much more.
If I could draw my feelings, that would be one thing But I cannot   I have no feelings   But maybe that just means I feel too much, or Think too much   Very true indeed  
Our words will stumble from my memory, and I will not feel any emptiness When the sun's light sees her own reflection In me.  And then I will miss you no more   I will walk with quiet footsteps;
"Can't put your mind in a cast but broken things aren't meant to last  Like walking on broken glass reminding you bout scars of past cause the world went by so fast  But not you,              your stuck
I wield a fist that has shattered glass, leaving in its wake Shards strewn across the crimson splatter lining the sink where I weep sinking, sinking, sinking down into
The purple
A silver-backed glass staring back
He used to light her up, Watch her dance beautifully, On a pedestal in his eyes. But then he left her ,hanging. All alone in the dark, and waited for her chains to break;
The first crack is the worst, 
Staring at my reflection
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
I'm just now realising that my original plan is failing
 I am among those Who are made of glass Fragile, brittle,ready to Break
Welcome to my High School Where teachers and students mingle Where the confused kid gets all the love he can Where friends are everywhere Oh look over there That girl just got all those kisses from those guys
A reflecting heart, clear and glassy Churning and enchanting
Shattered glass isn’t always what it seems, it chips and cracks It was once one full piece, nothing could ripped away I see storms of furry waves of the crashing sea
Even in all the aftermath
*/ /*-->*/ I feel like I'm falling apart. I'm breaking Like glass, shattering on the floor.
What’s in the glass? Is the glass half empty or half full? Pessimism versus Optimism Both have their pros and cons
Broken hearts are like broken glass Hearts shine at a glimpse of light but... Are going to shatter at the slightest crack Like Cinderella's slipper, falling to the stone Broken, with no one to pick up the pieces
  Light never seemed to touch that well,
Life is a shadowShifting, shaping, twistingInto braided ropesThat wrap around the throat andTugBending over window ledgesCurling into gnarled talons that Grasp at your heart to
"This is a very intense poem that is true, and it is very sad and painful going through this.
There are times you're so simply Unapologetically you! Killer times, when jaws drop
I remember the first kiss, Cold and tasteless. Just like his glass lips. Not only did his glass lips kiss They spoke. That is something thing that I miss, His glass lips speaking meaningless shit.
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
I am a piece Of broken glass With sharp, corroded edges If you touch me You'll bleed, and become connected With all the secrets I try to keep. I am jagged, Dirty, Cold.
My heart beats fastAs the tears cascade downStaining my paperWith utter disappointmentFrom shattered hope.
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
Worn eyes look through their own reflection. With gel she tames wild red curls. Nora steadily powders each feature, Desperately masking true beauty. We don’t recognize this woman in The glass  
Like a funeral in an hour glass,you wonder, how slow can time pass?Soon the sane will dissipatefulfilling the end you anticipate,but not soon enough.End? I call your bluff!This will go on forever.
The love we had was like glassYou could see right through itAnd everything was clearI loved you with all my heartWe had our little fightsAnd the scratches on the glass appeared
Smokey windows, shattered glass Broken souls looking for healing Coughing, woots and hollers A passing waitress, traveling hands and cat calls Dusty tables and creaky floors One spot light
I had this summer day where you were fire and I was sand, and we melted ourselves into a rare and perfect glass. Maybe we can be like marbles, well-rounded and varied, or maybe we can magnify
Delicate features, slight stature. That is who she is. Shy, unassuming, ignored, She dances on the air, moves like a ballerina. Twirling, twirling, twirling, One wrong move could send her falling.
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