Beneath the Glass Street

Staring at my reflection

on a paved road

newly wet with a layer

of crystal clear rain.

The invisible street below

shows another blue sky,

I stand staring

at another me.

Our feet connected

by the deceptive power

of a gravity connecting us,

but we both stand beneath

different identical skies.

Me in every apparent way,

she stares back with my eyes

and my curious expression.

But what will she do

when I’m not looking?

What will happen

when I am not standing

on the mirror to control her?

Will she let her reflection

dominate her?

Will she be a mere

shadow of her potential?

Will she be me?

Or does there lie

a reality beneath the glass street

where this girl

does not second-guess

her choices

and always

makes the best ones?

Is there another me

living another life

that is happier simply

because she chooses to be?

Is there a girl

who is confident

and fearless

who makes the most of

every moment?

If there is,

when she stares back

through our everlasting barrier,

when will she recognize me?

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