Teepee Tower

If I could draw my feelings, that would be one thing

But I cannot


I have no feelings


But maybe that just means I feel too much, or

Think too much


Very true indeed


There was once a bird who followed the leaf as it crossed the shiny lake


I am no bird

Or lake

Or even the fucking leaf


I am the dot on on the top of the i in shiny

Not shiny



Eight times I fell on the way down to the rabbit hole

Four times did I get back up

The bottom was not a pool

Or some cat with an angry smile


Potted plants

Portion size much too small for a friendly giant, but


We were older now

So let my hair grow long only to cut it off again


I want to be myself, with no mystery but the nails in my fingers

They fascinate you, don't they

I am much too sheltered


This day, is rainy, but I am, of nevermind


I'll just shut up now


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