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Part 2 of my test poem
Brain, test.   Lunch break, yes.   Hustle to classes   Grades up, passes.   Thinking? No.   Keep up with the poetic flow.   What is green?  
You try to learn. You try your best. You try to ace that stupid test. Yet once again you managed to fail. Most horribly, most hasty, most nastily bad. Well, maybe not as bad, just a tad.
I used to get through quizzes really fast. I never had to study it at all. However, this phase, it would never last Until the year of '13 in the fall.   Like usual, I quickly skimmed a book.
My heart beats faster than my mind  Which is running somewhere else other than here It escapes to my home in West Virginia which is a thousand mile away from here  
U n t i l  T h e  T i m e By: SeemsPoetic   O n e   l i f e   w e   l i v e...   One life we grow...   And In the end...
Dear Lord, I'm higly stressed, Please help me on this test Amma do my best and let you handle the rest Dear Lord, please help me on this test Because if I don't pass, I'll be a mess Lord, feel my chest
TestingOne two She is quietAerated by little white pillsWe all need to make it One last legA+ B+ C+ We’ll find our wayBlessed by scholarsDo you hear her now ScratchScratch She bubbles in her wa
I gave that unconditional love... AGAPE. You see LOVE has always been my best subject. No matter how hard I wanted to fail I'd always pass. But every pass didn't end with tears of joy and happiness.
If I were said to be anything I'd have to be a crash test dummy I have honor to the front seat Of everyone else's mistakes I get to see the explosions First hand Forget my own happiness
Welcome to the quiz. There will be three items, each a different type of question.   Scores will be determined by honesty and creativity.   Respond to the best of your ability.  
Hi! it’s nice to Socially meet ya! I’m new to this site and new to the Social Media.   Never really been one
Look at this.
I want to try my best
There is no finish line There is no big success No more reason to run
Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story Of the young man with great determination. The one who worked for years on a single goal To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.
it is today's time the time to be brilliant, shine today is the test
They test my knowledge of information, but that's not true wisdom,
Trembling, he sits and waits for the news. Something terrible happened. His mother had called him in the middle Of a chemistry test, His favorite class. “Tyler,” she had said “I need you, come home.”
What is an education? It is factual, theoretical, practical, or negligable, does it enlighten, brighten, heighten, or deepen the degree and impact that is actually accredited.
Rhythmic clicks of repetitive noise. A beat of scrapes, scratches , and rubs. People sitting in musical chairs. A song that lulls, a soft song for sleep.   Smooth noises with thoughtless wonder.
Clean, innocent Unaffected by time   Full of laughter, dreams imagination, and life   Antebellum...   But no, no it's ending Erasing that clean beginning  
  The Piece of Paper   As the bell begins to ring a sea of students invades the halls the sounds of lockers
The air is cool  As are the chairs The arms they fold and unfold The knees they tremble
Today we're going to learn about life We're not learning the y and x axis But to sign by the x for taxes Lets not talk about literary devices
Lines before whiteSweat on a pencilFingers in hair Graphite sweat The first bold wordsThe first eraser marksInsipiration not there Graphite sweat
Junior year and so much pressure for a test, "You HAVE to do good!" "You have to be the best!" But for what? It's just a stupid sheet of paper That's supposed to tell where I will be later.
At a point in time, We come to face a test. Never see it, never know it ‘till after it has passed. Then, the moment realized, Is when we know the score; Many often pass, Many often fail,
BOOM!  The moment you've been waiting for, maybe not but whether you're ready you must show what you got do what you can while your fingers are hot truth is, you know a whole lot
Excuse me, sir. Are you listening, miss? You are not going To want to miss this.   I have something to say. I speak for more than a few. Testing isn't fair. I'm sure this isn't new.
The Education   I've got trouble in math, Flinging me down the wrong flight path. Science isn't easy, It's equations leave me queasy. Just give me a test, So I can get rid of the rest.
Never Have I Ever Told My Teacher To Shut It. It would have been nice to place them on mute. Matter of fact, the school system could give them the boot.
One, two, three, four Red, yellow, blue, and more Five, six, seven, eight Raise your hand and sit up straight These things we learn in elementary They stay with us more than a century  
See when I was younger my momma said when you turn 18, You either go to college or get a job or you won't be staying, In my house. So every since the 9th grade I've been grinding,
Leaving this place Still not knowing the value of X An unspoken race Formed by society No piety Creativity
A test A simple test God created man in his image A creature filled with life Blood flowing and A heart beating  Each being unique Outside and in The beauty of humanity Always new
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