Stupid Ol' Test

You try to learn.

You try your best.

You try to ace that stupid test.

Yet once again you managed to fail.

Most horribly, most hasty, most nastily bad.

Well, maybe not as bad, just a tad.

You shake it off.

You’ll just study harder.

Then you’ll manage to make your grade just a bit broader.

You’ll get showered with rewards.

You’ll get in the hall of fame.

You’ll become a star.

You’ll be famous by far.

  If you just left that bad test ban.

You’ll see that grade A.

That’ll test will get what it payed.

On the day of the of the test.

You’ll try your very best.

You’ll try to ace that stupid ol’ test.

When it is graded you’ll get an A.

Until you see it…

And realize you’re in the pits.

You failed once again .

It’s a big fat F. 

You tried to learn.

You tried your best

but you didn’t ace that stupid ol’ test


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