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Don’t Turn the Knob By: Hannah Gibbons I am a doormat. I get walked on everyday. When I get vacuumed,
Dear Reflection,   When I look at you I see FEAR. I see that you DO NOT know the STRENGTH in your SOUL. You share the worry lines of POVERTY in your face. The dark eyes of SLEEPLESS nights.
    I just wanted to let you know That you are loved and cared for That anybody who hurts you. Fails to see who you really are
Steam is smoke is mistaken That girl is gasoline and all you do is water her down Make her lifetime less Her burn time  digress Yes she is insane She wants to burn out
red          yellow                         green  your eyes stare into the blinking lights   your grip on the wheel paints your knuckles white and though tears stain your cheeks and blur your vision
What makes me tick?  What doesn't!
What have you done to us? You mock me so. You look at me  As if you are god judging upon his little children. How dare you? How dare you speak to me like that? I am not your ribbon
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