What have you done to us?

You mock me so. You look at me

 As if you are god judging upon his little children.

How dare you?

How dare you speak to me like that?

I am not your ribbon

You tie around your finger.

Nor am I a helpless babe

Crying for your every attention

I do not need your opinion.

 Why do you even wish to speak?

The words falling from your lips

Flow like poison from a bite of a viper.


Please just speak your mind.

Tell me you hate me.

Admit it; go ahead.

I am a pain in your side.

A sorry excuse for a granddaughter

 Spit it out, woman!

 I am a freak!

 All of your kind tells me so.

I disgrace your beautiful name!

You have ruined me.


Stop! Just stop it!

If I am such a disgrace, then leave us!

We do not matter in your eyes.

We are only pebbles in your shoes!

But once you are rid of us,

You will find that these pebbles you have thrown away are diamonds.

Beautiful, lovely diamonds

 That you have cursed and ridiculed all of your days

We love as you hate.

We care as you crush them down.



You deserve your tongue

To be cut out by a rusting blade

And then devoured by your own teeth

That tongue that produces such vile and evil

That flows from your lips

Deserves harm worse than it has caused

Your lips,

 Your horrid, disgusting lips,

Deserve to be burnt

Burnt on the grounds of the Salem trials

Burnt and then the ashes sent as

A wedding gift to Satan’s wife


You are worth that to me now.

You are nothing

But the trash you have treated us to be

As you sent a child into a locked closet

As you slapped my cheek till I cried

As you gossiped about how I failed you

As you criticized my size

As your words cut into me

Your hits,

Your lies

You are nothing!


 Leave us

Leave me

And never return.

For you are now the pebble in my shoe.

The only difference is

 You are just a pebble…

With no hint of a diamond or gem within you

May you rot

 May you die



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