You Have -Not- Arrived To Your Destination




your eyes stare into the blinking lights  

your grip on the wheel paints your knuckles white

and though tears stain your cheeks and blur your vision

and the road ahead is long

you see nothing, nothing 

you sit still without reason to go on

cars pass leaving you alone

they don't know, they don't understand

this is what the journey has led up to 

the destination, the end 

the chaos inside floods your lungs

every thought makes it harder to breath

make it STOP

your cracking voice screams in fiery rage 

everything has been stolen from you

you're left without hope

                                       without will to proceed 

                                                                                   without reason

but you have your strength 

you just don't know yet

you are strength

you were made to proceed 

                                             to succeed 

                                                                to live

you were meant to press the gas that will lead you to your most joyous moments 

the moments that give you wings to be free of the chains that bind you

it is all ahead, it has always been

the road, THIS road will lead you home

and one day you will arrive 

you will remember the red light

you will remember the war inside you 

you will remember the wounded warrior whose scars healed

you will remember that you were the warrior who saved yourself 

you will see that that was not your destination

because you have no destination

you are not your destination

you are legendary 

                             you are courage

                                                         you are art 

                                                                             YOU are worth it 

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