Dear Suicide,



I just wanted to let you know

That you are loved and cared for

That anybody who hurts you. Fails to see who you really are

A smart and beautiful girl with a girl next door feel

I’m jumping the gun. This what I know from the late-night texts

Flowing into my phone faster than a flight from Austin-Dubai

I just want to know that you are loved and cared for

Nobody should bring you down


You talk very pessimistically

You need to let loose and feel the world orbiting around you

The world that is ours to conquer and figure out

Life is like a never-ending Rubix cube

Always shuffling around and trying to be the best

Most definitely by improving our time

Faster and faster life slips from us


I’m tired of giving in to fake people

I feel like people should put in more effort to understand

Our complex piece of machinery that is our brain

Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon.

And each month it cries for a love it can never touch

This is like us trying to reach our dream. Which drags forever

I think that everyone has scars, it’s what shapes our personality

As I bend down on my knees and smile at the floor because I can’t see you

I can’t see your reflection, all your beauty, and imperfections


Between the cracks and the crevices of the little universe, lovers create

A home in our hearts, a little universe,

You drown in words that didn’t teach you how to swim

You are like fire, a flame, with one strike you are deadly

You are imperfect

You are my perfect

Cause You are worth everything. 

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Our world
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