Don’t Turn the Knob

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 14:23 -- Itsg009

Don’t Turn the Knob

By: Hannah Gibbons

I am a doormat.

I get walked on everyday.

When I get vacuumed,

I just get stomped on again.

But when it comes to my family

I become a door. 

No one will pass me.

When they turn the knob, it locks.

They will start to know their limits

And I will not let them pass.

But when it comes to my faith

I become a dishwasher.

You may put your dirty dishes in me

But I will become clean once again. 

The cycle goes on and on and on,

Until I stop it.

I become clean and give you another chance.

I am these things because I am fearful of people not liking me.


I am no longer your doormat.

I don’t get stomped on, anymore.

I am no longer a door.

There is no knob for you to turn, I won’t let you.

I am no longer a dishwasher.

I used the garbage disposal to get rid of your dirt.

I am no longer a slave to fear


I AM a child of God.

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