September 11th

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Help!-One building then another.An Inferno blazing like the Sun,as a Cloud of darkness engulfs the city.
Todd Beamer was seen to many as a hero on Flight 93 September 11th, 2001 he risked his life for many knowing he would die He left his life behind that day, in flames He was a cubs fan even though they sucked 
Those buildings were no match For those planes coming in hot They would crumble and burn While answers were sought.
I was six and I wanted to fly. Clutching onto innocence, my glorious Christmas pageant angel’s wings, guided my juvenile bones through cotton clouds, over the endless seas formed from each heavenly raindrop,
The day was normal fair and blue, We went on like nothing was new We attended work and school We never knew that day would be cruel
Dearest William awoke on the eleventh day of September, With excitement and hope but he would not remember. "Are you ready to face today?" He'd say, "Only if you come home on time today"
The day we cried The day they died The day the eagles ceased to fly The day our freedom was attacked, The day they made the towers so they ne'r be back. The day the pentagon was hit with a plane
Burning ashes fall upon my shoulders, and screaming bodies run. I look through the blur of faces, and don't know what can be done.
broken Smiles, melted Guns... this is for our battles Won Wedding rings and muffled screams this must be some strange Dream... 98 days and 98 nights will we ever stop Falling from...
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