New York Skyline Rise and Fall - 9/11 tribute


United States
45° 1' 38.3808" N, 123° 1' 32.6964" W

The day we cried
The day they died
The day the eagles ceased to fly
The day our freedom was attacked,
The day they made the towers so they ne'r be back.
The day the pentagon was hit with a plane
and by then thousands were slain
This was the day they came from the sky
The terrorists, they show no mercy for you and I
They scared men, women, children alike.
American blood ran cold this night
So now because of them we are on guard day and night.


Imani Sophia

That day, i barely remember it because I was five, but from the vivid clips they show annually every year I know that it was horrific. And from that America as a whole has never been the same


You capture what I try to explain when I tell people I was on the Air Force base with my active duty dad when our world changed. Thank you, and job well done.


This is deep 


Short, simple, and POWERFUL. I don't think ANYONE could make this poem better.

9/11 was America's wake-up call. There had been many previous terrorist attacks, bombings, but it took something as horrific as this to be proactive when it comes to terrorism.


It hurts to read again

Even though I've known it forever

That these are the lengths to which the world must go

To protect itself from its own hate.


There is a feeling in this--

Fear, pain, broken glory

Or something

That no word could capture--

Only a poem.




this inspired me to write a poem for the abducted girls #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS


nice job on the flow!


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