Never Forget

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 19:31 -- niki83

Burning ashes fall upon my shoulders,
and screaming bodies run.
I look through the blur of faces,
and don't know what can be done.

I am not used to this feeling.
It's not something I can explain.
How am I supposed to be a Hero
when my enemy is a plane?

Everyone is looking for Someone
to save their loved ones from the fire;
but they have to understand,
that one man can't fulfill their Desire.

I sprint through the falling towers
that used to be so high.
I feel my Spirit crumbling,
trying so hard not to Cry.

I saved as many as I could,
but it could never be Enough.
If only someone told me
that the day would be so Tough.

The flames still burn in my Memory,
and I can't see passed the Red.
I still feel smoke in my lungs,
my Innocence has fled.

The tallest buildings have fallen,
the Strongest men are crying.
The mothers can't understand
why their children are Dying.

That day will never pass
without tear-stained eyes and families upset.
Our country may move on,
but we will never Forget.





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