Doesntmatter or Doesitmatter?

All the same sides of the same coin.

"Privacy privacy!" In an intricate web weaved by the shadow spiders.

"We value it! Protect it! Embrace it!" Yet the illusion of even typing these words are not so very private.

Our lives becoming a game, where organized rats and pirates can take all.

An anarchy online, while the beauty of the marble is in tatters.

Worth is nothing but a gamble of GME or AMC, boomer methods and American dreams shattered leaving the in between lost generation in shambles.

Sin left and right, and good times all around for spoiled insecure man children that need to control.

Control what? Lives? Me? Why and do you know who I am?

Do you understand the notion of the soulless trying to take my invaluable soul from me?

Tracking, GPS, surveillance for "our protection", okay...agenda. Please tell me more. /s

Flesh and blood, is what I am made of. This harassment and bullying, betrayal and disgraceful behaviour towards me might be the last knife in your coffin.

To think that I am stupid or foolish, you were just projecting your own flaws onto me.

To spread rumours about me being "easy", a worthless female, or having a unibrow...when I have your high school picture to prove that you are the unibrow man, is the alibi to prove that you are a sellout real estate scumbag that hangs around rescuing lung patients but shitting on peoples lives jerks of a same kind.

I forgive, but I don't forget. And the more you try to ruin me, the more you are killing yourselves. I suggest you let that one marinate. Any of my past that wants to take my kindness I given to them and turn it on me will have their day, in this life or in death. Judgement shall be swift.









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