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It’s midnight now I’m holding your hand on a porch that hasn’t been built yet. Standing by a tree not yet grown I know someday is coming Someday But it’s midnight now
I used to be frantic for love Grasping for connections like trying to catch a greased pig An ironic analogy all things considered   I always felt like my time was running out
//Patience//        there has been a change.    await, await ; in the sound of fate ,   no mantra to convince you ; no ecstasy to taint you .   far away, far away ; stands 
I think the most confusing element We try to understand in life Is time   Time is unchanging Something unknown To the human race
What if I never get the chance To start a new page Wait How come the world has turned its face When all I want to do is save it Wait Time stops and memories fade
Every day I wake up with the same expression. Dead eyes with shattered glances a sleepy voice and tangled hair. I know the routine.
Fearless in flight Flickering, you fly   That too at night. At night you fly   At nature you see Within tiny eyes I haven’t yet seen   With radiance unknown
I promised i would wait for you But is waiting really what i want to do. I mean waiting for you would allow us to grow more and be more understanding of one another, But waiting could also lead you to another women.
One noon, my friends pranked you, Pretending like they always do. They texted that I want us to meet, Even if I don't want to greet.
My special someone, Why are you so far away? My special someone, Why don't you just stay? Every day I stared outside my window, Waiting for your return while hiding my sorrows.
You are the reason I hold on, Because without you I am nothing. My love for you has made me the happiest girl alive. There is just one little something, That I need to tell you. It’s a three-word sentence.
When you see me, My tall slender statue, Fashioned to rule. You expect the typical teen. In the drugs, alcohol, sex pool No way, sorry, not my destiny. Boyfriend yes, fun yes, free to be me,
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
I feel the pressure of the walls of this box pushing from each side, increasing, squeezing, and as it gets tighter in here, the pressure builds builds into an atmosphere chaotic enough for lightning
God loves girls of all shapes and size, and I get really sick of hearing all the lies.   You're not a piece of meat to be flaunted around, No matter how sweet the boys may sound.  
In every woman's life, Love is a must. Some men just think that means lust.   Forget her figure, and her face. I swear some men are just a disgrace.   Love is a feeling, a heartfelt passion,
You neglect me Because I won't give in. But I just can't see me Committing such sin. At least not with you, I just can't take the risk I won't give in no time soon, I have to stay like this.
What does it mean to be drained? It is fatigue, is it weakness, too slow for the lane. I know what it means to be drained and its quite a feeling, I must say, because it always an occurence at the beginning of the day.
A beautiful walk and a sunlit beach. Movies and dinner and the soft strum of acoustic. Hands brush and you blush and you're falling in love and then it happens. 
I wait for you Like a child at the bus stop
Good morning and good night To you whose always let me down We're dancing apart in this twilight You're rising sun tares me down. I followed you into te haze Not realizing you never looked back
You make look beatiful on the outside but on the inside you might be the opposite. They say your sweet and innocent but you can just be another counterfit.
You make look beatiful on the outside but on the inside you might be the opposite. They say your sweet and innocent but you can just be another counterfit.
  The voice of the clock ticks As I sit & think My time begins to shrink   Sitting in a room full of desperstion & need Trying to put all the beeds onto one string
I feel alone in this empty shell no one knows my hell I thought I had control But you wouldn't leave me alone now I'm stuck in this house You're a cat I'm a mouse If I'm alive 
I'm supposed to be where wings are made but I'm not sure how to fly yet. When will that person come, to show me how to get to that place yet unknown? That place where in my dreams is revealed but in life is classified.
Our love is first class Sit down and take a glass Come and drench in the past Long convos never cease to last on the phone past 12 Will we ever go to bed? Couldn't say goodnight Knowing in my head
Being responsible for another person is hard. Why would you want to grow up before you're ready? Wait so that your family income is steady So that when you are ready,
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