I can wait

You make look beatiful on the outside
but on the inside you might be the opposite.

They say your sweet and innocent but you can just be another counterfit.

What I 'm looking for in girl is not how she flirt or how she show her skin
but how would she will endure to the end.

I'm looking for someone who don't have time for foolish games bur someone who's willing to be a postive light in a dark.

Y'all say "I'm trippin why don't want this shorite with a nice hips
come on you must be homo if you don't want none of this".

Well theres godly man and a natural man a natural man just looks a around while a godly man looks ahead; and no just because a person is content with thier singleness dosen't mean thier gay because even homosexuals lose self control o over the same gender.

I not saying dating is wrong but where that sister who can pray for me when I'm struggling or when I think about fumbling.

Where's that sister who is secure to where she don't have to look like a beyonce or a mily cryus when the world look she won't cause a virus.

I'm done trying to stay mainstrem for now on I'm following the footsteps God has for me
because I know where I used to be
I was lost and downhearted because of how I was raised to respect woaman but the media told me otherwise but now I want what Gos has for me.

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