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There was a time when my smile withered,  personal pain and loss deep down in the roots of my mind, heart, soul.  My being was torn, my trust was broken,  negativity took over like weeds,
She chose the path they told her to, yet she could not recognize the face, she who stared back from the mirror. You are not enough. Was it the glass breaking under the weight of stress, was it she?
As the time continues to go by Without us knowing, the clock is slowly ticking Our energy depletes after the end of a day And in the morning we start the same routine all over again
I realized I had grown up When I got a job Money Responsibility Being held accountable All new things That had to be battled with Pulled at my skin Attacked me from within
The bridge to maturity is one I've never wanted to cross I love feeling younger, in my youth is where I choose to be lost Responsibilities are too much work, I don't like to stress
i was small insignificant the world was large and i was nothing but a speck my hair a mess my clothes sloppy and i blended into the background   then she left   i was bright
my life is going to keep moving with or without you,  I really hope it’s with you but know I can do without you.  You asked me if I would die for you  and I told you... hoping your soul was listening too..
Clouds float away, but you want them to stay Teach you new things, everyday. If your cloud floats away,  Don't worry. More come.    Clouds bring rain, the pain of change and growth.
        Dear Depression,   Your waves rushed over me The pain was comparable to the sting of your biggest bee Your words
Because I love you I will let you go I know you only treat me this way because you need time to grow
It was the year of growing up It was the year I was thrusted from the sparkly, childlike fairytale I had been encompassed in into the confusing, grey reality    
I started off the year with a bruise on my shoulder and the certainty that my eyes were plain old grey. I liked to believe my sadness had grown roots somewhere above my throat, not buried itself inside of my veins.
young and naïve happiness found in superficial things moments temporary memories forever   older and more aware content with people not pricetags new moments new memories  
I often think back To a girl I knew Purple buzz-cut Beaming grin Bright red lips A life so unlike my own  
It's been a long four years, each dwindling to an end a little faster than before.My last may be my last but it's all still just a first,Years and months of friends and then none.
As the leaves have fallen down So does my heart go Bare trees rooted in the ground Yet I fly away   Twelve months ago where were you Seasons have changed you Twelve months later a new you
30 minute 1 hour 2 hours 5 hours 7 hours Man I need to take a shower What? Bed time in an hour? But I have a test tomorrow Woke up late Rushing around No time to study now
Boy, I’ll tell you.. Love is a false feeling You ever meet somebody you immediately fall in love with, Or you care for so much,  you can’t stand when they’re absent
An open letter to the first boy I thought I couldn't live without,
Anchors, cast iron claim center and hold her steady, in the light, in the dark.     Anchored in the light place she need not exert. Warm tendrils caress her,
When we was young are harts was filled with hope....