Bridge to Maturity

Thu, 02/21/2019 - 23:35 -- SixBy

The bridge to maturity is one I've never wanted to cross
I love feeling younger, in my youth is where I choose to be lost
Responsibilities are too much work, I don't like to stress
Growing up is hard to do, that pill is hard to digest
But, unfortunately, I have to cross it
As Time is always racing and He never gets exhausted
So I'm staring at this bridge, intimidated by its size
My destination looks far away, as the fog masks my eyes
Now I'm walking aimlessly, feeling handicapped and blind
Feeling regret as doubt and complacency seep through my mind
"Turn around and go back and play" is what complacency whispers
"You're not going to make it, just quit" groans doubt as I quiver
I look at the dark river, the smell of failure is in the air
I can't give up, I have to make it there
I trudge through my perils, gripping the bridge's sides
I'm moving slower than usual, a stumble replaces my stride of pride
Fear makes me want to stop dead in my tracks
But I've made it this far, there's no reason to turn back
The opposition is stacked, but over their heads I peep the finish
I'm breaking my limitations like records from Guinness
My stumbles are replaced by a mad dash full of passion
I'm fearless and a bit reckless, as I no longer fear crashing
I'm praying that God keeps this bridge from falling under me
Because I can hear my maturity calling unto me.

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