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Like smoke, we were dispersed after the poison of our fun Went in and out, left cancer's promise on a pair of lungs Atrophy at your heavenly side is worth all the waste
I bite down on my pencil My teeth are gooey The gum blood falls in the Union Square community compost I spit out cinnamon chewing gum  (My molars are missing) The kale expired It’s yellow now
Dingy green metal Flecks of paint flaking off like dandruff Corners set in stagnant water, Leechy muck in the slimerot of the shadows Little door slides open with a screech
The poet's dead, the song is gone. With dying breath and failing brawn, He whispers a foreboding phrase: "The nights are spent, you waste your days."
To put up with these facades, the importance mirage, I deserve applause What cause need be for them to see that their rules needn’t apply to me?
Cycle! Recycle, man! Do not throw away stuff. Used items can become new ones. Cycle!
Reuse! Reuse makes sense. It repurposes waste, Which includes both plastic and ink. Reuse!
Reduce! Reduce garbage. Less waste is lucrative. It lowers disposal spending. Reduce!
To add to the last, I had to make a first. I'm a man of my word, So to all the cute girls...I'm not in need of thirst.   Or am I???? But I gave you that thought. Now I have you thinking,
America the great, Have you ever been? Perhaps one day, but not now. What are we great in?   We shuffle too large Behind over-packed bars. We cannot afford to live
What we do, what we say, how we think, be aware, and repeat. Take the fruit from the low hanging tree, easy to take, easy to see, thank you to the low hanging tree, and repeat.
Light the candles on the dinner table as i wait in the dark listening to Arwen's Vigil for you to come home after that long day at work.
Every morning he wakes up and sighs, To God he constantly prays. He hopes that today is the day he won’t lament, Because finally someone will notice his talent As he shares his beautiful voice with the world
Thanks for the reminder That what I do is worth nothing At least when it means nothing to you. Though it means the world to me. Thanks for the reminder That I "waste" my time 
Sitting in the chamber of rest. I return to see you, again and again. Our bond stronger than a chamber-pot of tea, growing ever bitter at our parting. This pain inside of me shooting out,
I feel like a god is toying with me All my blood in my tears amount to Nothing and any effort goes to waste On anything and everything I want to Be successful at! The hand knocks down
There's a river I know, in the land of the dead, where many call home, and others may dread. There's a city I know, where the parties are gold, where the liquor is silver,
I am the fake smile on my face. I am the loud girl in the class. I am the wall between my parents lies   I am the fake smile on my face. I am the sun that shines everyday for everyone else.
Dont you hate how things waste away Here one day, gone the next I guess everyone has a debt to pay Laughter and sadness, life and death This is the cycle of time Circling the universe like a behemoth
But I'm probably just rambling to air at this point.  No matter how prolific,
You walk into an empty room. As empty as the body inside it. All that remains in the room is Air... Space... Time... Walls. The walls stay there, completely still But they surround you
What I wouldn’t give for a camera to freeze this moment forever and always. To show people the richness of the soil; how it clumps together - dark, shifting,
It's simply disgusting, repugnant, Completely and Utterly sickening.   The stench hits your nose first, and through your gloves, You can feel the cool muck leaking through the holes
Pretty little thing
Re: cycle When birds are bursting with the
Tick, tock. 1:23 pm on the clock. She's 3.98 150.5 5'8''
Earth is such a wonderful place to live, It is such a shame humanity takes yet fails to give. The consistency of life continues to unfurl, The ignorance of mankind will end the world.  
there were pretty daises but the lights are all gone the sun’s on vacation the stars have seen a galaxy far more beautiful than ours they’ve gone on a journey   the light bulbs have burst
Don't you realize what you're doing? This pot of disaster you're brewing? We make scientific advances with new toxins and decided to proceed commercial use without caution.
Blame it on me, the student. All because I can't see I can't see why you teach; All you do is preach. There's never a lesson.  In one ear and out the other, is my confession.
I sit in this class, Boredom running its fingers through my hair. Teacher is talking history, Delving into some guy's affair.   Then we move on to slavery, A topic I have learned of before.
You talk a great deal about your struggles. You pin them up like badges of honor when really you are a coward hiding in the corner behind those "friends" you deem your pawns.
I'm what the doctor ordered. I can fix you up no matter what you got. I am always there for you, miles away I surround you, fall on you everyday.
All the talent in the world won’t save you if you are ugly! You try to have confidence But the moment you stand, you are beaten! You aren’t loved! You aren’t worthy!
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