Numb3r3d days

Tick, tock. 1:23 pm

on the clock.

She's 3.98




12 years, 8 hrs/day

result: She's combined score 1947, or 28


70% satisfactory

to parents, to advisors

admissions directors, counselors,

area supervisors. Fill out the forms:


SSN ends in 9278

See Publication 970, Form 1040

for aid....

And so on to the #5 

ranked university in the United S of.A.

4 years

120 credits

2 jobs 


Loan status: unpaid

owed: $200,000with interest of 2.5%

debt til death day


And she's


now for the apartment

rent due 1st of each month, $516

Checking, savings, apply for credit today

New card number ends in 859

Just in time

for 20% off online, buy 




and for the 993,293rd time

she wonders

what these numbers

have to do with life love happiness - 

and toys with the razor blade idea

of escape...

3 weeks later, she succumbs. 123 

people show up for the 

2.5 hour funeral - but who's counting now?

Besides the people getting paid

to undertake)

Gravestone cost $900, break

the parents' bank.


Tick, tock; 3:54 pm on the 8th

the national clock dictates

the second herSSN deactivates.

What a shame,

what a waste of a

Productive little citizen.

nice potential.

Pity to destroy such pretty

property of the state. 






These are all made up numbers, obviously.

(I would never post my own info or someone else's online. apparently it is the most valuable thing we have. nevermind our talents and dreams, right? (and this isn't autobiographical either. Just a pattern I have noticed)



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