A Message For You

I'm what the doctor ordered. I can fix you up no matter what you got.

I am always there for you, miles away I surround you, fall on you everyday.

Just turn me on and I will be slipping through your fingers, running down your body,

filling you up. Yet, you take me for granted and let me waste away,

sending down the drain, but you don't care cuz you got money to blow

on smart phones and fancy gizmos to play. You abused me never stopping to wonder 

the possibilities of a day without me baby. You played me like a tool cuz everyday

you knew I will be running for you. You know you can't surrive if I wasn't in your life.

You ignored the fact there are many fishes out there in sea that want me, need me,

in their life cuz I can make them boys walk miles for me and they give me 

special treatment, work hard, to keep me around something you never had to do.

But you have nothing to worry as you chill in your pool soaking your troubles away

while others die dehydrated. So I asking you, yes you, "wat-er you doing?"


*Save water people*

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