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I stand upon a twisted stage-- above a crowd of stone. I know that comfort's far away, and confidence has flown.   I see a bird without a fear Asleep beneath the noise
With a gun to his chest, wounds self inflicted: What were his last moments like? As he bled out, face down in the grass; all alone with his final thoughts. The night my best friend took his own life.
Tick tock, tick tick tock, There goes the familiar rhythm of the clock, As the notes align with the beats in my chest, Vibrations surge through my fingers fighting to remain at rest.   I was alone,
Fear has no fears So why should I Fear has no mouth Yet it closes mine   It arrives in disguise And darkens the eyes It seeks to divide To fog up the mind  
I’ve heard about you How you linger and lurk You latch onto your victims so heavily Leaps of faith become walks Walks into crawls   I’ve experienced you, I know you exist
Panic. Constricting. Its waking up at three in the morning in a cold sweat. Crying for no reason. Gasping for breath. It makes us dread the incoming morning. Keeps us awake at night. It's a shadow following us like a dog at our heels.
The world unknown 
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
A leap of faith is all that it takes to make it Don't run from your fear just rise up and face it If you want to be free don't wait any longer It is by a leap of faith that God makes you stronger  
Fear is a concept of the mind, they say But hey, a new city sears through our brain Because even though we decay It still keeps us from prey Alas! The triumph of introspection The human soul is unconquerable
College. A big word, a thrilling word, a costly word, a scary word. There was a time when that word meant very little to me, A vague term that had nothing to do with my life. Now it draws ever closer,
How to catch a fear... You see it’s very easy if you know the know, but first you should start slow, what if your not good enough.. See this question for me has always been tough, but laying in my bed,
Fear is to tangles, no out- Brain high, mired up. Face HIGH, Breath HIGH, Thoughts HIGH- When TALK, You Get TALKED. Minus the Gratitude, Birth the MAD- When sight Rich, comes the END of the BAD.
Because she is afraid she will die before it Sits in my lap hissing This hollow poltergeistOf what could be My dad calls me selfishFor not taking care of my Abuela and her imaginary cat
  greeted by light i entered this world content with a brightness i never questioned. the darkness was anger, loss and hurt, those things i’ve been taught to fear.  
 My goal in life is chasing discomort. Everyday I wake up at 6 for an ice baptism.  Discomfort begins growth. My alarms screams at me. Creating discomfort grows growth. The shower starts, ice falls.
it’s a hell of a lot to take in and with one big breath you inhale for what seems like four years one century an eight count
The Golden Kids, That's the group everyone wants to be in. In my school It's the kid with the AP’s that gets the recognition. That's the Kid who will succeed.
Funny how the littlest things seem so big Ironic how the ones you love are the ones who hurt you Stupid how the easier route gets chosen over the most thorough
I do not have any fears As they are are all too trivial to me. Why cry in front of a bug? Why scream in a small room?
Tires skidding Metal crushing My scream echoes.   I jolt awake Blinking in the Darkness, haunted Breath heavy, the drive.   My leg aches.  I close my eyes:
Fear taunted me with my weaknesses It reminded me how I could fail Every day it gained ground in my life While my aspirations got father from my reach   But just as the night brings darkness
Fear! It isn't so fun passing out at the biggest time of your senior year. All the excitement comes to an end when you end up in the hospital that same night. Weeks go by and tests are ran. No answers.
A pounding heartbeat Sweaty palms and shaky hands Dread Taking over your entire body It’s everywhere You can’t move Trapped in place Trapped in your own mind Fear wrapping around you
Dragging cloak of death Darkness plaguing the cloths path Sorrow at his heels
I ------ have a habit of searching for inspiration in the exterior of faceless people-- and wonder why my pages always end up -- blank.
It's hard leaving your home But you have to go Those tears you cried wont be in vain All that hurt you felt, that awful pain Will wash away under the summer rain You'll see them again
Fear is a road, a crevice, and the dark in between Fear is the ghost that haunts the bad dreams, It’s your pulse, and your lungs, Both moving too fast   A shadow is fear, and so is the dark
They say the only thing to be afraid of is fear itself, as if it’s some kind of reassurance, a pat on the back  a little too hard, slamming all of the air out  of a pair of lungs too desperate for 
Every move I made Myself followed behind I Every hope I dreamt Myself doubted  Every step I pushed toward Myself pulled me back to safety Til one day  I turned around 
Fear of failure  Fear of decepcion Fear of Love Fear of the Future  Fear of Life... We fear everything because thats the way things are If their was no fear how would we strive to get to places 
It was all or nothing, and I wanted nothing to do with you.   It was only instinct that I fear you with, with your fabricated smile and masked appearnace. While others laughed in a party game, I wept in a ball pit.
Fear Perhaps our greatest friend, He knows us all to well. He knows when we fret, when we hesitate, And he comes, as would a mother, To take us away to feel safer. Yet still, he overbears.
Panic A sheet of red covering my brain Breaths coming fast Too fast. No danger, just my thoughts, As I ride in the back The landscape passes by, And I decide To throw my panic to the wind
Too tall, Too scared, To confident. Diamondback Roller coaster “Enjoy the ride”. *click, *click, *click Higher, And higher It climbs: to the top “I see the entire park”
You know, I do like my Uggs They are soft, cozy, and not vegan People say “those are girl's boots” and I give them a shrug  
Nine days, 
do you want me to tell you what is it like to live in fear? what is it like to know, each day, that there are people who want you dead? people who view your kind as immoral?
I was told I was too selfish so I gave pieces of myself away to people who didn’t give a damn about the feelings I was trying to convey   I stuck with them through thick and thin
Here we are on an open road, The trees are green and swaying.  Here we are on an open road, I thank the breeze for staying. For my backseat driver keeps tapping me, And putting out his input. 
The definition of fear is subjective but usually can be followed along simmilar lines Like a huge graph where everyone's lines cross with eachother through to infinity But not all fear is the same
I’m not going to do this. I turn in the application with shaky hands. I’m never going to capture their attention. I make colorful posters and pretty flyers. I don’t know what I can offer.
How many times has Fear limited me? Too many to count. But enough is enough, Because Fear has been speaking for us too long.
Pushing boundaries Stepping away from comfort Diving to freedom  
He's there,  From dawn to dusk. Fills all with despair, Leaving them as empty husks. He pervades our body and mind. Coming from our inner shadows, Stopping us in time and leaving us blind,
  Even if I'm not happy, Jesus will still be here. God will still hold my hand when I'm filled with fear. They still think I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly.
I was scared. Scared to fall in love. Scared of heights. Scared to be rejected.
The deadly silence beckons me Total darkness is surrounding me How can I escape this hell? The silence gets louder and louder The box is getting smaller and smaller Let it go Scream it out
Fear    A safe zone.   My safe zone.   Like an exhausted shell, of an old aged Crab    protecting itself from all the bad things..   Restricting, retaining,  
I was a boy, it appeared Running or walking, it followed Crying or laughing, it loomed It was attached  I sobbed  Slowly, it grew   Quick, I hide it  Expose it to light Its a part of me 
I feel like I'm drowning Retreating into my mind My brain hurts My legs numb My arms heavy and palms sweaty Body throbbing and tears streaming I lay, crying And sobbing And scratching
Breathe. Blade to skin Blade to skin The pain will go away. Breathe. Blade to counter Blade to counter Pain doesnt kill pain. Breathe. Blade away Blade away
Fear welling up inside.He loved me. He lied.My heart wretchedly aches,But he is just fine.  
Hopeless Hopeless is how I felt. In counseling with tears streaming down my face and no regard, For my makeup smearing revealing I had lost any sense of grace.  
Fear freezes me to the spot The lights create heat on my face I'm scared Absolutely horrified This is my one chance I can't mess this up A solo It's just me at the front of the stage
I can't stop thinking about you Now don't go and flatter yourself I don't miss you I don't miss what we "had" I don't miss it at all
Last time we met you sat across from me, teeth bared, eyes wide, a complete threat, Now flashbacks cloud my mind and i want to be free.   My heart races and fear claws at my throat,
Engraved in the heart of you and me From pink birth to dark death Is a warrior's creed A list of rules for you and me: Rule 1) Never be the first to run Rule 2) Know when you are done
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