Thank You

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 17:53 -- izzybbg

I can't stop thinking about you

Now don't go and flatter yourself

I don't miss you

I don't miss what we "had"

I don't miss it at all

I can't stop thinking about you because I'm mad

I'm mad at what you did

Now maybe I’m being dramatic

But you messed with my mind

I'm furious at what you did

I never realized how bad it was until it was over

Then all at once it hit me

All the cruel words and bad memories

You told me my body wasn't good enough

I had a flat ass

No boobs

My face was ugly

That I failed every test because I'm just dumb

I’m stupid

I'm bad at life

I have no friends

You made me feel so bad about myself

You made me feel worthless

Like I was lucky to have you

Well fuck that

You were lucky to have me

I didn't realize how fucking bad it was

That it wasn’t normal

You shouldn’t criticize your girlfriend like that

You drove me insane

You sent me to therapy

I never told you that though

I told you it was test anxiety

It was really you

I failed tests because of you

I had panic attacks every night because of you

Looking back all of my problems were because of you

Now I can't stop thinking about you

I hate myself for it

So thanks for telling me to kill myself

And for calling me a bitch

You're secretly a little bitch too



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