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I was and still am the child with a heart,  That could see the daytime in the dark, Absorbed in the world of my own, of it I thought nothing, Lying in the dove white, Examining each crystal that drops by, 
Brown hair, blue eyes, bruised body, broken heart And all the boys will tell her, her body’s a piece of art Clothes will hide the scars, lies will hide the truth
It’s scales up the spine Looking for a place, a new To inhabit  Some get lucky and through it  Before it eats them Others do not It consumes them whole Eating away 
One small portion of the brain Is all it takes to bring us pain Fear is a funny thing   When all I feel is overwhelm And fright begins to take the helm It pushes me to sing  
To me, he is my everything: He picks up my brokenness and regrets, He never gives up on me, and makes me always try my best.  He is everything in the world to me, but how will I know?  
There are only two types of fear When the outcome is beneficial and when the outcome is detrimental. can't hear my own thoughts can't feel my own hands How come it's when we have control 
Fear should never be in a man or woman's vocabulary, but yet it's still apart of life. Fear sometimes gets in my head, and tells me things I know isn't right. Overcoming fears are hard, one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
Everything is crashing now.Her world is falling down.No one will listen to her, no one cares.If only there was still hope for her.Yet down there.Down where she's falling.Grabbing the sides to stop herself, yet she still keeps going.It's swallowing
Oh magnificent beast How I fear you You outweigh me by thousands Your graceful hooves could crush me
  Did Adam yell at Eve  when she bit the apple from the tree?  Im hurt- weak but never broken. my soul too young to die.    I’m not scared of nothing  but my reflection, my shadow...
Hands hold firm on mine my past nature entails fear loving again.   My heart forgives all My brain forgave none Lest I feel again, I feared I'd come undone  
Sweaty palms, frantic eyes searching the tight space Gut wrenches Nerves spiral Thoughts consume I can’t get out! The room smaller,smaller
I like to put plastic bags over my head. I like to pull them down over my eyes, so I can’t see anything but the light that permeates them.
I was scared. Fear walked through my front door when he walked out of it. How could I love when my last was damaged? Anxiety and insecurity were there to hold my hand in the day time.
     Like a dark cloud hovering over me,      Fear found its greedy way into my life.      It held me back with strong chains and great lies,      And convinced me to burrow into my shell.  
Agoraphobia. Noun.  Extreme irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one’s own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult.    Chicago, sometimes Chi-raq by the 
i realize that, very often, i am vulnerable. i am fragile. i try to be a light for others, hoping that maybe my glow will lead others through their dark tunnel
A great fear arose in me One the held down that best part of me. Being scared of rejection and broken apart
Every time I look at you a chill runs through my body You remind me of all the things I have failed to do You prevented me from doing many things  You hurt me when I needed you most
when you’re young your thoughts are limited; toys, cartoons, candy, playing mine, however, were just restricted; medicine, eye drops, doctors appointments. her vision was fading
how did I overcome one of my fears?/well, there were many days of failure./days of grief that destroyed me./days of sadness that buried me./days of darkness that blinded me./but, between the hurt,/the pain,/the suffering,/there were days of joy./d
I stand on the edge of a cliff Facing out to the sea that seems so far Looking down, it’s an abyss
Loud; but steady An unfamiliar stillness in the air forces me to stop my rythmic movement A thin layer of calm engulfs me as I slowly come to a stop Wind can be powerful
Being forgotten Being remembered Being the center of attention   Being alone Being afraid Being reminded of all the nothing I've made of my life But I won't lose to fear
                                Letting Go... 
She said that I didn't exercise today, so now I am overweight She said that I use to be kind and helpful when I was little, so now I am mean and selfish
Hands clammy Eyes Wide Nose flaring “Can you hear me?’’s Can’t talk They won’t listen They’re all laughing
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