Coming Along

I was and still am the child with a heart, 

That could see the daytime in the dark,

Absorbed in the world of my own, of it I thought nothing,

Lying in the dove white,

Examining each crystal that drops by, 

Standing alone, I found in time, in the vast swirls of no control,

Never ending, I feared, peeks of sunlight covered once more,

Blistering hindrance, stinging my eyes, tensing my bones,

Lost in the night that clasps its hands on my chest and up my throat, 

Leaving me to walk on stone pave,

The starless sky a cavern.


Yet if there is no guiding star, why not follow the one in you? 

Sunlight is always there, if you wish to see it, part the clouds,

A simple step out, a bold droplet,

Can change the world you lost yourself in, 

And give rise to the sun.


Strength outlasts fear, I find, 

As blossoms pour from cracks I've yet to see, 

Even if they are discoloured,

Even if they are shriveled at the ends, 

Even if the petals fall from the bulb,

And disperse in the wind, 

I cherish each as they come and go,

One by one,

They make the world I'm lost in, 

The one we all find ourselves lost in, 

A bit more bright. 

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