Fight The Fear

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Graceless, the sinking soils, a cold thorn between Venusian thighs Had pierced her bud so aggressively, Despite my vociferous efforts, To keep him away: Above the lands, I find the tattered remains of letters
With words that burn and bite and sting, they creep up on your mind and ring until you no longer sleep at night.   There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,
 My goal in life is chasing discomort. Everyday I wake up at 6 for an ice baptism.  Discomfort begins growth. My alarms screams at me. Creating discomfort grows growth. The shower starts, ice falls.
Fear,  There’s plenty of it, it fills us all Paralyzes us, keeps cautious, wanting to avoid the fall Something we can’t outgrow or out run When it’s there we wish it were done Thought of the past plants it, thought of the future grows it Can’t bru
shaking hands looking back, i know it's in me.
It's hard leaving your home But you have to go Those tears you cried wont be in vain All that hurt you felt, that awful pain Will wash away under the summer rain You'll see them again
They say the only thing to be afraid of is fear itself, as if it’s some kind of reassurance, a pat on the back  a little too hard, slamming all of the air out  of a pair of lungs too desperate for 
As I think, it rushes in— A river, a torrent, a waterfall Threatening life or limb Or peace. Thoughts come swirling, pounding, In my head Never resting—unrelenting. Voices rush, a flood,
She’s always been there lurking In the darkest corners of my mind I never thought of searching For the voice that mimicked mine
I used to be creative Then I went to school I used to play outside Now the air's too cool   I used to have ambition Living unrestrained But now my will's been missing
Some children have monsters under their bed. Some have skeletons in their closet. One child in particular fears something far greater, A child of her own age.   She remembers the day like it was yesterday.
Everyone is always sad Sad, afraid, angry But what I'd feared is not  the anger but to be forgotten in death.   what I've realized is I'm a poet and my poems will always be 
Breathe. Blade to skin Blade to skin The pain will go away. Breathe. Blade to counter Blade to counter Pain doesnt kill pain. Breathe. Blade away Blade away
Call lights shining, alarms ringing, people racing, I'm in over my head.   Long lectures, rushed notes, early mornings, I'm in over my head.   Blood pressure rising,
i've seen an animal an animal of a certain maturity, a certain age its eyes are dark, i can’t read its expression i'm thinking about gods, men and i tuck the animal’s hair behind its ears
    Let the drops glissade fiercelyAnd blaze their trail unrepentantly.Bless them, that they may bleed with no contradiction. Oh please,Do not let them be licked awayBy the hasty tongues  Of public decency and decorum,Pride and chauvinistic conven
Looking into a somber, empty future Bequeathing a speech to a room of strangers Plummeting into an empty abyss.   Becoming a guardian of your psyche Acknowledging the precedence of friendships
Fear, as I’ve found, isn’t worth a damn.     Fear is low sometimes, like on Scuffed elbow Saturdays when
I met her when I was ten She was the stranger at my door. The dog barking at me from across the street. The tree branch knocking on my window in the dark.
I know that friends come and go But why you left, I’ll never know I do not know how I became so attached To someone who could leave my heart in half  
Nervous as a bitch Palms are sweaty and hot and cold chills. Standing there faceless with
The news blares bright and gaudy. Full of fear and sound. yet in the warmth of my grandmothers living room golden light filtering  through her paisley curtains  it feels  far away
  Age 2: Loud noises Age 4: Monsters and ghosts Age 8: My math teacher Age 10:The tallest roller coaster Age 12: Public Speaking
I fear my life It is scary and impatient With amazing opportunities And deep personalities It frightens; I feel frightened
I fear my life It is scary and impatient With amazing opportunities And deep personalities It frightens; I feel frightened
no reason to keep going i’ll just stay in my bed the thought of starting up my day fills me with only dread   i’m living in a dessert where sorrow is the sand and hope is like the water
I have anxiety. Why does that seem so hard to admit? It's just a word, nothing more. It's what it feels like... That's what makes it terrifying. Anxiety makes you feel like you're drowning.
The creeping dark is there Waiting for me to slip The creeping dark is there Helping my feet to trip The creeping dark is there Freezing my heart and soul The creeping dark is there
Run away from fear.             Face fear head on.   Fear is like the ocean. It is huge and charging and all-consuming. It will swallow you whole and spit you out completely different.
hunched over in the corner of a classroom, you can interrupt. They are ornamental, invisibility—so friends don’t ask
it is not my fault and it is not their fault, but still it bites and it burns like a cut full of salt   now i live in the vault,
Through small eyes and a smaller perception I could see the waters rise Opted out on my own election Couldn't bear the size Waves marking no stagnation Claims of fun are mere lies
Ripples from the rain falling I see the dark clouds hang over me Uncertainties are calling I just wished they would let me be Suddenly a crack in the sky Brightness shines from the sun
There is nothing more that I fear than a burning bridge.   The flames do not scare me, only the gaping abyss.   What I always fail to see
I'm a ghost with a beating heart You're alive but yours wont start I'm getting worried child please don't leave Because when you die you wont be like me I can keep you safe I swear to it
I’m so afraid Of what happens in my Head As I lay there in the silence of my Very own bed   I’m afraid of the things
    have you ever thought  about how many times  the planets regret their orbit 
Around every corner, throughout every room, She meets fear with a message Of impending doom.   It takes courage and trust--every journey she tries, Even though she knows well It is fear who tells lies.
RudeObnoxiousLoudAbrasiveOrneryDepressed I thought.      "Love her     Teach her     Care for her     Give her the skills  she needs     Pull her out of herself"
I am Nigerian My birth certificate does not matter to them My Yoruba title does not matter to them Watching Nollywood movies does not matter to them Singing and dancing to Afrobeat music does not matter to them
The hardest thing you can do Is to see yourself Trying to be someone else And you can never be that person Because that person isn’t you
10 months of non-stop self-hatred of my body 10 months of shoving a finger down my throat, just to have this illusion of me having control Over my body weight Constantly being aware of the calories going into my mouth
My heart beats faster than my mind  Which is running somewhere else other than here It escapes to my home in West Virginia which is a thousand mile away from here  
  i am able to dance with angels when the sky sheds millions of scintillating tears, that illuminate the earth.   i hear their merry laughter-
Sweat dripping legs shaking eyes unfocused words stuttered   Eyes piercing attention on me judging glares laughing scare   That was what I seen
Feel these signs, feel these signs? Take them as your warning sign, warning sign If you can just pull away, pull away You only have so much time, so much time   Feel these signs, feel these signs?
I always thought I was beautiful But this process breaks the body There’s another life inside my own A life that calls my body home I’ve searched for hours and still I roam Looking around for answers
Old habits die hard, Robert Frost and dying stars, Those are the things that made me.   Cherry blossoms now in bloom begin wilting on the stem.
The weight of the waves relentlessly presses down Crash after crash, no air left in my lungs Petrified, no energy to lunge No other hope but to drown   But even the air of the deep
I am a human, last time I checked. Did my awkward bumbling block me from being the best I could have been? "You have so much potential?" Then why does it seem I feel empty?
let’s look at this year. let’s stare into the darkness, festering in the beginning where hope ought to lay. let’s search for a reason
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
The world is cold. Cold like the air that sets your hands shaking your jaw clenching your heart racing. Cold like the pain in your brain after too much ice cream when it hits a tooth just wrong.
fears spread far and wide personal fears are ones we cannot hide   my fear was relationships  
How can you be living if you’re not alive? Or if you’re just living to survive Too scared to cross the line, you hide Never leave the house without a bottle at your side.   It could hit you any time any place
“Ahh, Buster’s bigger than Patty! That means he’s taller than me!” she yelled this as she hid behind me as the German shepherd stood on his hindlegs placing his paws on my shoulders as I laughed.
Good enough. Am I? What is?   Applying for graduate schools. Will I make it? Have I done enough? Will this be the one?   No.   Okay, try again.  
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