' 'pain' 'depression' 'sadness' 'hurt' 'anxiety'

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I want to be home This is normal It is highschool after all No one likes school Teacher, students, principals it really doesn't matter If you are involved with school on a semi regular basis u hate it
Dark Darker Darker
 I see Brian's head cracking against the concrete and his chest halt, his brawny frame taking its last breath on the asphalt. I see the boy whose name I cannot rip from my lips with a gun to his head, and the trigger he grips paints the wall red. 
Before... I was a humble slave Bowing before your wishes. I attempted to craft myself to your pleasing But it never lasted.  
Laying calmly this cold night I hear a noise and jump with fight What has awoken and made me nauseous Was the monster living in my subconscious  I fight the anxiety swelling inside
Blank. I've always loathed blank paper. Each piece gets a fresh start. But I can't. My body was like a blank canvas, the artist was depression, the brush was  the blade, the paint was the blood.
I don't know why I feel sad Emotionally I feel grey My anxiety makes me feel sick I keep having these dreams
There is no doubt in how much I love you; even despite how much you utterly confuse all the same.  
What is the point? Why live when a solution lies ahead Ahead of life, so why strive? Just dive straight ahead Ahead lies bloodshed Ahead of life, so why strive? Why try to survive   
Why can't I ever be happy? I just want to climb a mountain and breath in fresh air and I just stay to myself this is what freedom smells like. I don't want to think about anything but how I feel in that moment.
I've never felt so alone So torn up inside No safe place to hide It's exhausting feeling like this all the time Every smile is so hard to fake I wonder why I give myself so much hate
You said things which I never heard before... You took me to a place, I never visited in my life... You left me in a state, which I never thought existed... and then you moved on... I tried to shut the door...
Pain will come and go But youll never be alone And as the blood drips down the rain begins to fall And as tears begin to seep out And drench you clothes Just know Someone will always be close
  I don’t know why I am sharing this For so long that cat has held my tongue And I refused to reach for it  But by speaking I know I’m cutting his nine lives down a bit     
  I don’t know why I am sharing this For so long that cat has held my tongue And I refused to reach for it  But by speaking I know I’m cutting his nine lives down a bit     
Weak and fragile Shards of glass from the fights The ones that caused broken mirrors Broken mirrors that showed a broken figure From all those tears weeped
i'm alive i guess   there is no specific reasoning i can attribute to the feelings i am made to feel my mind wrapped in the bushel of nonsense that are "boy problems" and stress those two don't work together
It’s like you’re drowning, but you can breathe. Your drowning in the thoughts of overthinking The thoughts of panic You’re drowning in every possible outcome your mind thinks of
my mind functions like a broken clock being rewired by the one trying to fix it only to make it half of a whole only to make me half of a whole being i don't know what happened to make my head this fucked up
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