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The rose of yellowis a quite dashing fellowwearing a golden velvet tux  his morning hellosounding majestically cellosinging he loves you much 
I walked outside, thinking that everything was gonna be alright. My eyes filled with pride, helping me through this joyride. The trees are red, mixed with tints of orange and yellow.
u use a bright pen that is last to be picked in the packet. may u speak ur true feelings on paper and pray. she can’t see where ur love starts and ends. but she has to.  
The yellow man under the drawbridge saw that I was lost so  He asked me for my phone number today For the third day in a row  But I said no because it wasn’t the fifth. 
I feel like an artist,  Desperately trying to blend, My darkened soul,  Into the rainbow that was once,  My mind. 
I want to paint all my walls yellow. So when I wake up, I wake to the color of you. The color that holds every sunset, every warm smile, all those kisses on the beach.
My identity came with those around me because the ink cartridges on my skin weren’t enough I am not black like the other black boys and girls
Their pedals burst the color of rejoicement And lighten any room. Anyone would be excited To watch even a dozen bloom.   High, tall, and proud Darling sunflowers grow. You have many uses
she came into my life the most electric lightning bolt nothing delicate like a squash blossom or an english daisy do you feel that
On this day I wore red A color so beautiful and bold I did it to be ahead And hopefully it will have him sold   He, however, wore blue
Lazily humming, bumbling from flower to flower. A little here, a little there, Helpful little worker bees Collecting nectar for the hive. Tiny fuzzy bodies landing gently on soft petals
I realized, as the world before me was bathed in yellow and orange sunlight, that I have been cold. It is warm and homey and yet, I am cold. In my bones there's a sickening chill,
Yellow drips from the sky caressing my ace I can taste its warmth on my tongue It comes in many forms A surprise Embrace Strokes through soft locks
"It's a disguisting color!" Well, mam, I beg your pardon.  But that color I just mentioned- Happens to be my favorite.    "It keeps you awake." Can't deny that one, But that's the fun,
You're  still pretty in the rain like sunflowers in the field Even when your petals droop, yellow you are still
I am greed, want.She is need, lack. I am anger and frustration.She is hope, tenacity. She is yellowamidst the grey that I'm become. But I am success, money.And she is poverty, dust.
all write on the living and not much of the dead   on a garden of fully grown big, gigantic and enormous trees   trees of full green leaves are what is written about  
As we drift west 'neath cotton wisps and buttes, Cerulean and pearly white combine To mock at spinach-green and call it mute, And point it to the highway's yellow line.
      little girl playing in rain puddles  herding fussy ducklings under rainy sky  raincoat swish-swish  wellies squeak and slurp  hungry beasts gold hair, bright eyes clueless and naive.
Yellow is using her for a pillow. Yellow is when she runs her hands though your hair. Yellow is the color of the flowers that surround the two of you. Yellow is the sound of the wind whistling through the empty field you find yourself in.
Somewhere in this crawl space that we call a brain,
I was made like this; created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time to make sure she or he got all of this right.
How do you make sense of an upside down chair when the sky sees the surface that belongs to the eyes of the earth put it right side up again and then finally it is useable yellow chairs bowing to the trees
Today marks one
There is a certain Kind of feeling which cannot be Explained— Like the feeling when it rains, or When someone you love Dies—one which goes Beyond words, beyond expression. Feelings which can
Little girl, dressed in white Sleeping in her room so tight   Unaware of what is wrong As the world moves forward on   Until one day, a dorr gaped wide Where walls before had stood with pride.
There once was a blonde girl whose color came from a bottle, She was quite scrawny like the body of a model, She'd never say that or admit to it all, But it was true- her size was not fair at all.  
Green is the color of envy Red is the color of love Blue is the color of freedom While yellow is the color of fun   Black is an evil color White is always good Grey is the color in between
Why, my daisy, Do your petals droop? Fading, falling to the ground? And why, my daisy, Do you bow down to the wind When gusts growl and roar with rage?
yellow was the color of innocence the color of our freshman year it was the shade of the v-neck you bought at forever 21, on our trip to the mall yellow, the color of the cheesecake we shared for mary’s birthday
Yellow is the sun Shining bright and true. Yellow is the color That makes up a palette brew. Yellow can be hot Like the sun shining bright. Yellow can be cool Like the lights I see at night.
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